Together with Nguyen Ngoc Huyen “Love the sunny day” to review the important notes for her to confidently wear summer dresses

1. Choose the right material and color for your outfit

Fashion with high applicability is increasingly favored by girls. A blazer with airy material can be worn both in cold weather and in hot weather. Or like the velvet fabric (Corduroy), which is famous for its ability to keep warm, is now worn by stylish girls down the street despite the summer sun. Fashion is really unlimited, but, if she has sensitive, irritated, or clogged skin, this summer, pay attention to the choice of clothing material to avoid “clashing” with back acne. Please.

Ngoc Huyen revealed: “I’m a shopper for materials, especially in harsh weather like summer. As long as the item is sewn from a breathable, absorbent fabric such as: linen, silk, chiffon, silk, tulle… I immediately fell in love with it, because I was very afraid of back acne.If you have sensitive skin and are prone to back acne, try changing the material of your outfit as suggested above. , girlfriends should also pay attention to choosing the color of the outfit to flatter the skin in the summer.The natural, cool colors such as beige, white, pastel… will help you look fresher, more lively and trendy. “

Together with Nguyen Ngoc Huyen

Clothes with cool, absorbent materials will help her limit skin irritation and back acne to confidently wear her favorite dress.

2. Always keep the body skin moist, smooth and silky

“The feature of summer fashion is that dresses are always designed to show off the charm and smoothness of body skin. So, girlfriends, don’t take care of your body skin lightly in the summer. Why do I pay special attention to body skin instead of face skin?It’s because body skin is thicker and healthier than facial skin.Perhaps that’s why many girls can spend hours lifting. I take care of my face, but I regret taking a few minutes to take care of my body. And I hope everyone can change that habit as soon as possible.” – Ngoc Huyen shared.

Ngoc Huyen also said that her schedule lasts from morning to late at night, so her body skin care process needs to be minimalist, but still have to ensure the effect of smooth, moist skin despite the summer sun. It all boils down to the following steps:

– Clean and nourish the skin with Enchanteur Body Lotion. This product is extremely rich in Silk Protein – a highly effective ingredient in nourishing smooth, silky, non-greasy skin – with a seductive French fragrance for a complete, relaxing bath experience, no longer just Simply remove dirt.

– Advanced skin care with Enchanteur Soft Body Lotion containing Olive oil, aloe vera and seductive French fragrance. This step helps maximize moisture for plump, healthy, vibrant skin and always radiates fragrance even in hot summer weather.

Together with Nguyen Ngoc Huyen

Even when preparing for a business trip or travel, Ngoc Huyen still does not forget to bring her loving pair of Enchanteur shower gel and body lotion to pamper her body in the most perfect way.

3. Never let your hair dry, tangled and sticky

Along with silk skin, bouncy, fragrant hair is also an indispensable factor to help her shine in hot summer outfits. That’s why Ngoc Huyen did not forget to share more “small but martial” tips in her hair care process such as:

– Love your hair with Enchanteur rich Pro Vitamin B5 shampoo and conditioner with French perfume. Summer is always associated with the condition: greasy hair due to sweat and excess oil, flat hair due to wearing a hat… so the use of effective products makes hair shiny, naturally voluminous and has an attractive fragrance. Days like this are always Ngoc Huyen’s priority.

– Avoid tying the hair tightly because it is easy to make the scalp clogged, making the hair greasy faster.

– Exfoliate the scalp 1-2 times a week to deep clean dirt, unclog pores to help hair fall and stay long.

Together with Nguyen Ngoc Huyen

Hair can be said to be a girl’s pride. If you have poor hair color just because of the hot summer, it’s a waste. So besides Enchanteur shower gel and body lotion, Ngoc Huyen also does not hesitate to bring a shampoo and conditioner set from Enchanteur so that even if it’s hot in the summer, her hair won’t lose its color!

You see, summer beauty doesn’t always require a big budget. Sometimes just a few small tips can create unexpected results. Actress Nguyen Ngoc Huyen herself has also personally verified, she still hesitates to apply immediately to be more confident to walk with him to welcome the brilliant summer!

Originating more than 25 years ago from the elegant fragrance of Parisian girls, Enchanteur is a beauty care product line with high-class French fragrance, accompanying young girls looking for romance and sophistication. in life.

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