Toll collection does not stop on the highway: Car drivers do these 2 things right away to avoid ‘penalties’

All toll stations on expressways will deploy fully automatic toll collection starting today, August 1, 2022. Thus, in order to circulate on highways, vehicles will have to apply terminal tags, ie automatic toll-collection cards – ETC.

Paste the automatic toll card:

There are 2 types of automatic toll cards that do not stop but can only be affixed to one of the two.

Currently in Vietnam, there are 2 main companies providing this service, VETC and VDTC (ePass). Both are linked to ETC stations, so customers can choose any company to sign up for the service.

Each vehicle is only allowed to stick 1 automatic toll card that does not stop Etag or ePass. In case the car owner intentionally pastes two cards of two service providers, an error will occur when moving through the station. Because the scanner will not be able to correctly identify the vehicle and the account.

Toll collection does not stop on the highway: Car drivers do these two things right away to avoid fines - Photo 1.

How to paste VETC account card

VETC has added a support team before each BOT, helping drivers to quickly paste their cards before passing through the station. In addition, users can also actively paste the card at registration centers nationwide or register online on the website:, -ky-buoc1.html

In addition, the driver installs the VETC application on the phone. In the Top-up section, users only need to quickly select the amount to top up and the payment method (domestic ATM card, credit/debit card, mobile banking…).

VETC is free to paste cards and activate accounts for customers who register to use the service for the first time. If you already have a VETC card but it is damaged or torn, the cost of re-gluing is VND 120,000/time

Sign up for an ePass card

Online registration: Customers fill out the registration form at website to receive support and will contact and support.

Register for ePass service at Viettel Store

Register for ePass service at ViettelPost post offices

Register for ePass service at BOT toll stations managed by VDTC

Register for ePass service at motor vehicle registration stations associated with VDTC

Toll collection does not stop on the highway: Car drivers do these two things right away to avoid fines - Photo 2.

Necessary requirements to apply for ePass stickers at Viettel Store

With ePass cards now past the first round of free stickers, users need to pay a fee of 120,000 VND to register for the card.

Deposit enough money into the fee account

Accordingly, car owners can top up money at points that provide ETC card stamping services, bank transfer, pay money into the application, or on the website, or pay via Momo or ViettelPay applications.

For example, with an ePass, drivers can access the following link to receive instructions:

Hướng dẫn Nạp tiền tài khoản ePass

In case the vehicle has an ETC card but is not eligible, such as the amount in the toll account is not enough to pay the toll when crossing the ETC lane but still intentionally enters, the car driver will be fined from 2-3 million VND. VND, and also be deprived of the right to use the driver’s license for 1-3 months.

When bringing the car to the place of automatic toll collection, the car owner needs to bring 3 relevant documents including ID/CCCD, vehicle registration certificate (parrot) and registration certificate. To reduce the time it takes to get to the sticker location, users can register information in advance on the company’s website or app.

If the vehicle is registered as a business, the company needs to bring the vehicle documents, the introduction letter and the authorization to open an account. After registration, the management unit will stick a non-stop automatic toll card on the windshield of the car.

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