Top best-selling cars in 2021 in the US: There are cars selling the least in Vietnam

Top best-selling cars in 2021 in the US: There are cars selling the least in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Pickup trucks continue to dominate the top 3 best-selling cars in the US – Photo: Forbes

2021 is a tumultuous year for automakers. Chip shortages, mainly due to COVID-19, led to a loss of more than 2.3 million cars in the US auto industry, according to AutoForecast Solutions’ estimated production output. Much of the decline in sales of the best-selling models from the previous year was also attributed mainly to a lack of spare parts.

List of best-selling cars in 2021 in the US Motor Intelligence The synthesis reflects a long-standing trend in this market: Dominating pickups/SUVs, popular Japanese cars.

Rating Car model Range of vehicle Sales 2021 (pieces) Growth compared to 2020
1 Ford F-Series Pickup 726.004 -7,8%
2 Ram Pickup Pickup 569.388 +1,0%
3 Chevrolet silverado Pickup 519.774 -11,4%
4 Toyota RAV4 SUV 407.739 -5,3%
5 Honda CR-V SUV 361.271 +8,3%
6 Toyota Camry Tourist car 313.795 +6,6%
7 Nissan Rogue SUV 285.602 +25,3%
8 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 264.444 +26,1%
9 Toyota Highlander SUV 264.128 +24,4%
10 Honda Civic Tourist car 263.787 +1,0%

Overall, pickup trucks, SUVs/crossovers accounted for 77.3% of sales while passenger cars accounted for only 22.7%. In the top 10 best-selling cars in the market, there are only 2 passenger cars including Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. Expanding to the top 20 include Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord. All are Japanese cars.

The above list also shows that the “gut” of using cars of Americans is different from that of Vietnamese. Because Honda Accord often appears in the list of 10 slow-selling cars every month in the country, typically ranked 9th in December. Honda Civic, Nissan Rouge (X-Trail) are also products that stand in the second half of the segment in terms of sales.

With the rankings in the US, in addition to the top 3 are American cars with Jeep in 8th place, the remaining 6 positions in the Top 10 are Japanese cars. This year also recorded for the first time in 90 years that a foreign brand, Toyota, outsold General Motors.

Korean cars are also popular, but for many years, they have not been able to squeeze into the top 10 best-selling cars.

German cars not in the top are also quite understandable, because mainly they make expensive luxury cars. More affordable models are not suitable for Americans.

The trend of buying electric cars is also reflected in the fact that the Tesla Model Y entered the top 20 best-selling cars.

However, according to AP, the dominance of pickup trucks is also a major obstacle to the development of electric vehicles. Because truck buyers are considered to be very loyal, not only to the brand, but also to the engine.


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