Touching reunion: Daughter falls in love with the son of a soldier friend who was lost more than 21 years ago

According to Ngoc Ha (22 years old, currently living in Phu Quoc), she and her boyfriend Phuoc Trong (21 years old) decided to arrange a meeting to introduce the two families.

Surprisingly, when they just met, the two fathers shook hands and hugged each other when they realized that the other was a comrade who was in the army and had lost contact with each other for 21 years.

According to the story, 21 years ago Mr. Quan (Ngoc Ha’s father) enlisted in the 37th Air Defense Artillery Company in Phu Quoc with Mr. Nghia (Phuoc Trong’s father). But after that, Mr. Quan was discharged from the army a year before, so since then, the two have also lost contact.

During their enlistment, the two had many unforgettable memories such as hiding from the unit’s bicycle to go out together. So after more than 20 years of separation, they are very happy to be able to review the memories of their military days together.

The event is considered by many to be a predestined predestined relationship. Both fathers were very surprised to be able to meet each other in such special circumstances.

Unbelievable fate: A daughter loves the son of a friend who has been in the army for more than 21 years - Photo 1.

Two fathers sing together, eat happily, review old memories, “forget” both main characters

Sharing with us, Ngoc Ha said: Me feel very happy and also believe it is predestined. Suddenly, the story I shared on my personal page got a lot of attention, I feel happy when you have a lot People congrats to me as well two families”.

Before the comments with the content that if the two broke up, the two families would probably face each other, Mr. Quan said: “I do notdo not impose you have to get married because the two fathers are comrades, the important thing is the children’s feelings, it’s good if you can come togetherand if not, it will not affect the relationship of the two families later.”

About the love story of Ngoc Ha and her boyfriend, she shared: “Me and lover meet each other online enter April/2022. We talked for 3 days, then decided to meet in real life. Because it’s the first time meeting someone younger than me, so me scared too are not sure. But safter meeting I see that the other person is a good, mature person with a compatible personality Candlestick both decided to build a serious relationship and brought to launch family. We went to each other’s house many times to play and meet our parents. But parents Parents are new first time to meet in day 22/6“.

Unbelievable fate: A daughter loves the son of a friend who has been in the army for more than 21 years - Photo 2.

The couple Ngoc Ha (22 years old) and Phuoc Trong (21 years old), currently living and working in Phu Quoc

The story of this interesting predestined relationship received a lot of comments from the online community:

“That’s great, congratulations to the two of you for fulfilling your dream promise”

“Wishing you two happiness, so that every time the two fathers meet, there is only joy for the happiness of their children.”

“Debuted but reunited with comrades, so the two of them were forgotten”

“That’s to say the earth is wide, but it’s also very round.”

“Destiny is destined to meet each other no matter what”

“A couple of jobs, you guys are a blessing, a connection”

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