Towering college benchmarks: Normal but not fair

High university benchmarks: Normal but not fair - Photo 1.

Candidates taking the high school graduation exam in 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City – Photo: NGOC PHONG

* Assoc. Prof. Dr. DO VAN DUNG (Former Rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education): Not fair to all candidates

Many majors have very high standards, candidates scoring above 9 points in each subject still fail, which is normal in admissions. This year, the exam was easy, so the test scores increased sharply, many 9, 10, so the benchmark score of the combination of literature – history – geography in many schools increased, the benchmark score was close to the drama ceiling. Many years ago there was hardly a “terrible” benchmark as in recent years.

In addition to the factor of different annual exam questions, another factor that pushes the standard method of high school graduation exam scores to increase is that in recent years, schools have recruited a lot of methods, so the remaining criteria are for good scoring methods. not much business. Easy questions, high candidates’ scores, and few criteria make the benchmark for the graduation exam to be pushed up to almost absolute. That’s normal in admissions.

However, although schools are autonomous in enrolling, selecting methods and allocating quotas for each method and combination, it is still necessary to consider the common ground so that the opportunity to enter university is equal for all candidates. Candidates in remote areas will find it difficult to compete with candidates in cities in the combined assessment methods of international English certificates and competency assessment tests. They only rely on graduation exam scores and because the quota is small, your chances of getting into university are also very slim, because the standard scores will be pushed up.

* Prof. Dr. NGUYEN MINH HA (rector of Ho Chi Minh City Open University): Not equal among methods

Admission is a selection process, where grades are the most basic criterion, so it is normal for schools to determine the towering benchmark. The school determines the standard score based on the remaining criteria of the selection method and combination. Benchmarks depend on many factors, the most important of which is the target, so when schools diversify their enrollment methods, they are forced to divide their quotas for each method and combination. This makes the criteria for the method to consider the high school graduation exam scores are very small. That’s why the benchmark is so high.

However, the proportion distribution of methods, selection of enrollment methods is not fair to all candidates and even between methods. Each method has different scoring criteria and weights, which is not fair between the methods.

Some methods, not all candidates know or know but are not eligible to participate. Academic transcripts and graduation exam scores are not on the same scale but are still the same basis for university admission. Thus, the opportunity to enter the university is not fair among candidates participating in different methods of admission.

* Dr. TRAN DINH LY (Vice-rector of Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry): Changes in enrollment

In theory, the benchmarks of the schools this year are more accurate than previous years because of the common virtual filtering of all methods. However, the actual admission of candidates still has to wait for the actual answer.

Another notable difference in this year’s enrollment compared to the previous year is that when considering the final exam scores, schools still don’t know how many candidates have entered the school through other methods. Because of the situation this year, the general selection of methods, so the standard score of each method depends on the criteria of that method.

And the criteria for considering high school graduation exam scores are usually not much because schools have called for early admission of candidates in other methods. That is the reason why many industries have high standards in addition to increasing test scores.

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