Toyota Corolla about to lose the world’s best-selling position?

Toyota Corolla about to lose the world's best-selling position?  - Photo 1.

Toyota Corolla’s position as the world’s best-selling car is in danger of being shaken

Toyota Corolla has become the “king of sales” when it hits the sales milestone of 50 million units sold in 2021. Regardless of form, hatchback, sedan, coupe, wagon or SUV, users can find one for themselves. suitable version.

However, the days of the world’s best-selling car are coming to an end. 2021 could be the last year Toyota Corolla is the “king of sales”.

Toyota Corolla was dethroned by “one family”?

In 2015, Corolla sales passed the 1.3 million mark, but regressed in the following years and only returned to this mark in 2021.

While that’s good news, in five years of the Corolla’s decline, another Toyota model has risen to the throne: the RAV4. This model began to explode in sales in 2019 and surpassed the global sales milestone of 1 million units for the first time in 2021. Cars Guidebased on the growth chart, it can be predicted that RAV4 will surpass Corolla this year or next.

Toyota Corolla about to lose the world's best-selling position?  - Photo 2.

Cars Guide commented: “Every king has to give up the throne at some point”. It’s a sign of the times, SUVs are taking over, and the current-generation RAV4 is also one of the best in its class. If there are people going forward, there must be people going back, small cars like the Corolla will have to give way to SUVs.”

However, there are two factors that can help Toyota Corolla maintain the throne for a while longer. Firstly, Toyota RAV4 sales are being hampered by the chip shortage crisis and Ukraine. Second, the arrival of the Corolla Cross puts the Corolla’s name in the SUV segment.

Whether this will be enough for the Toyota Corolla to maintain its position as the world’s best-selling car, only time will tell.

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