TP-Link launched a ‘terrible’ wifi router for gamers

This new TP-Link router includes 3 separate bands and SSIDs that you can connect your devices to. These include a 2.4GHz band with a theoretical maximum speed of 574Mbps, a 5GHz band with speeds up to 1,201Mbps, and another 5GHz band that expands the bandwidth to 160MHz for a speed of 4,804Mbps.

It’s important to note that TP-Link is advertising this router as “dedicated to gaming devices”, which means gamers can freely connect gaming devices and this line is supported. separate from the other channels. Of course, you can completely use it to connect other non-gaming devices if you want.
TP-Link launched a 'terrible' wifi router for gamers - photo 1

This new TP-Link also has a number of other gaming conveniences, such as the Game Accelerator feature that automatically detects and optimizes the transmission to reduce latency and increase speed. There is also a game statistics section on the console that provides detailed information on real-time lag and gameplay duration.

Another cool feature is that “Game Protector” basically refers to TP-Link’s HomeCare plan, which itself is a combination of a built-in antivirus scanner, a QoS trigger, and parental control feature. However, this feature has not been specifically described by TP-Link.

TP-Link launched a 'terrible' wifi router for gamers - photo 2

For wired connectivity, the GX90 has a single 2.5Gbps LAN port and three 1Gbps LAN ports. There is also 1 USB 3.0 port and 1 USB 2.0 port for sharing external storage or printers over your network. In theory, the GX90 will take up a bit of space partly due to the sophisticated design that includes 8 large external antennas, which are reminiscent of some Asus ROG Rapture models.

Hopefully it works as strong as it looks. If so, it could be an attractive option for gamers when compared to the slightly higher priced similarly spec models, like Netgear’s AX6600 ($330) and Asus RT-AX88U (290 USD). USD). And in the high-end range like Netgear’s Nighthawk AX1100 and Asus ROG’s Rapture GT-AX11000 can hit prices between $450 and $500. TP-Link says the Archer GX90 is now available at Amazon and other retailers.


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