Tragedy in the genius training furnace in China: From the “first prodigy” boy, 10 years old, graduated from university, 17 years old as a lecturer, to a disoriented person who soon found a way out at Buddha’s door.

Genius Oven or Prodigy Classroom is a project that was first established in 1978 at Anhui Provincial University of Science and Technology, China. The purpose is to select talented young students to enter universities.

This project has been very successful when training many talented people for society. However, this is also the place where many geniuses are buried, causing them to have a great psychological shock and take a long slide. Focusing only on studying and not participating in fun activities, as well as not practicing life skills, has caused prodigies to encounter many tragedies.

Tragedy in the genius training furnace in China: From the first child prodigy

Genius training furnace in China (Image: NetEast163)

Every year, in the world, many children under the age of 15 become university students. Public opinion immediately labeled these young students “prodigies”. Many tragedies began here…

The first child prodigy with amazing talent Deputy Prime Minister

Born into a poor family in Jiangxi, China, Ning Bo (1965) at an early age displayed extraordinary talent, excellent memory and was able to learn without a teacher. At the age of 2, Ning Bo had recited more than 30 poems from Mao Zedong’s poetry anthology; at the age of 3, he was able to distinguish numbers from 1 to 100; At the age of 4, he knew more than 400 kanji.

Thanks to her outstanding intelligence, Ninh was sent to school early by her parents when she was 5 years old. This has enabled him to accumulate extensive knowledge and broaden his horizons. A year later, he became passionate about reading the book Introduction to Chinese Medicine and books on herbal medicine for medical college students.

Ninh’s ability to “distract from duality” has also been tested and recognized by the press many times: 8 years old can both play Go and read chapters in the story. Water Margin. Ninh Bac also knew how to recite and write poetry when he was 9 years old. Do not disappoint, at the age of 10, he was accepted into the National University of Science and Technology of China.

China’s history records that the first teenager to be admitted to university with special privileges at the age of 10 was Ning Bo. 12-year-old won 2 games of Go with Vice Premier of China, Phuong Nghi. Ninh Bac at that time was a phenomenon that covered all newspapers. People devoutly called him “the prodigy of child prodigies”.

Tragedy in the genius training center in China: From the first child prodigy

Ninh Bac plays chess with the Deputy Prime Minister (Photo: Sohu)

A life of contradictions – Tragedy begins

During his sophomore year of university, Ning Bo was introduced to Vice Premier Fang Yi by a professor who was a friend of his father’s, who is also the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. At that time, the Deputy Prime Minister was preparing to set up a class for talented young people across the country. Ninh Bac took the test and got a very high score.

In 1978, Ning Bo was one of 21 teenagers all over China selected for the genius training academy. In this class, the oldest is 16 years old and the youngest is only 11 years old. The best students in the class included Ninh Bac, Ta Nhiem Bo and Tien Chinh.

Tragedy in the genius training furnace in China: From the first child prodigy

Ninh Bac from a young age was very good at math, obedient, true to the “children of people’s” standards in the legend (Photo: NetEast163)

The image of Ninh Bac was painted so beautifully that people called him “the perfect prodigy”. Newspapers all over China’s provinces write about him, and in families, people often say to their children: “Let’s study Ning Bo”.

Later, although Ninh Bo refused to talk about the letter that was supposed to change his life, the professor once admitted in the newspaper: “I am very sad because of that letter. 3 and then went to university like other students, maybe he didn’t have to be a monk.”

The road is thorny

Although the aura is like that, Ninh’s life path is not as bright as people imagine. When entering the genius training center, Ninh was unhappy and always felt an invisible pressure on his shoulders.

Ninh even had to study the subject he hated, Physics. He wanted to go to Nanjing to study Astronomy, but the school refused. They forced Ninh to live according to the model, to live for everyone, for the school and society, not to be free to follow his own will. The school told Ninh: “You are an example for children and young people in the country. Be obedient and set a good example.”

Tragedy in the genius training furnace in China: From the first child prodigy

Ninh Bac as an adult (Photo: Sohu)

Because Ninh Bac’s growth process is different from his peers, he has strange behaviors and is physically different from those around him. Ninh Bo was accepted into the excellent class of the University, but his studies at school were not good, even failing some subjects. Perhaps it was the pressure from those around him and his academic failures that made Ning Bo increasingly dislike his major at the University of Science and Technology of China.

In 1982, Ning Bo graduated from university and was kept at the teaching school, the Chinese press called him “China’s youngest lecturer”. Shortly after becoming a lecturer, Ninh Bac began to show strange symptoms. He applied for the doctoral exam three times, but all three times he gave up when he reached the entrance of the examination room. The examiner went to look for him and found him hiding behind the door of the dormitory. This proctor grabbed Ning Bo by the collar and forced him to take the test. He said that if he continued to force him, he would jump to the ground.

Finally, in an interview at the age of 34, Ninh Bac publicly criticized the genius training academy and emphasized: “I am not a child prodigy. I am just a product of the times. If youth can be come back, I will never enter this training camp again.”

Later, Ninh Bac switched to studying astrology and devoted a lot of time to philosophy and religion. His marriage was not happy, he spent all his time studying qigong, became a vegetarian and gradually isolated himself from society.

Find a way out for yourself – take refuge in Buddha’s door

Tragedy in the genius training furnace in China: From the first child prodigy

The first Chinese prodigy finds a way out at the Buddha’s door (Image: NetEast163)

The higher the expectation, the more disappointment. Due to not creating miracles, people no longer expect this genius. They even began to doubt his talent.

At the age of 38, Ning Bo decided to become a monk in Wutai Mountain, Shanxi Province, China. It can be said that Ninh Bac is a case of “winning at the starting line but unable to smile at the finish line”.

Becoming a Buddhist disciple, Ninh Bo finally achieved his wish. Looking back at his life, everyone feels sorry for the impermanence of the world. For everyone, the fall of a child prodigy is regrettable. For Ninh Bac, becoming famous at a young age is like a shackle that has imprisoned life.

According to an investigation by today’s Shenyang newspaper, it is the coercion in Chinese education, specifically the University of Science and Technology of this country, that has pushed the prodigy beyond “the limit of human endurance”.

Answering in an interview, the old “first prodigy” said: “I have studied Buddhism to solve my worries in my personal life. That’s what I have to endure all these years. months of youth, and it took years to find the answer.”

When we lament, we should plan our own lives. When faced with pressure and failure, we should bravely face it and choose life for ourselves. We are ordinary people, not as talented as Ninh Bac. Therefore, we need to work hard, try our best to make up for our weaknesses and create a brilliant life. Hopefully Ninh Bac’s example will be a valuable lesson to help everyone face the future and firmly believe in their own choices.

By: Sohu and NetEast163

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