Trieu Vy’s classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of “disappearance”

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 1.

Trieu Vy is an actor, singer, film director, film producer and businessman – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The information that Chinese actress Zhao Wei was “locked up” (not allowed to continue to participate in artistic activities, to appear in public) has been widely spread since about 2 weeks ago and until now is unknown. her legacy.

On September 9, some internet users posted on the Chinese social network Weibo: “Missing you on the 14th day, Trieu Vy”, “Every day I search for Trieu Vy many times (on the internet) and I still hope wait for her to come back”, “Movie Hoan Chau Way Trieu Vy no longer has the name “…

So far, it is not clear why Trieu Vy (now 45 years old), China’s top famous actress, was quietly “erased” from this country’s cyberspace at the end of August. She is considered an artist. talented artist and successful businesswoman.

As one of the most influential Chinese actresses in the early 2000s, Zhao Wei is also famous throughout Asia with numerous awards. She is considered one of the “four great flowers” of China, along with Zhou Xun, Zhang Ziyi, and Xu Jinglei.

Trieu Vy left a deep impression on the audience with the role of Tieu Yen Tu in the movie Hoan Chau Way (1998-1999). Tieu Yen Tu is an orphan girl, sly, cunning and with a bit of martial arts.

In the concubine, Tieu Yen Tu is mistaken for the long-lost daughter of Qian Long, the emperor of the Qing dynasty. This hugely successful TV series catapulted Trieu Vy and her co-stars like Pham Bang Bang and Lam Tam Nhu to instant stardom.

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 2.

From left to right: Actresses Lam Tam Nhu, Trieu Vy, Pham Bang Bang in Hoan Chau Cach Cach – SCMP screenshot

In recent years, Trieu Vy has spent more time behind the camera than in front of the camera. So Young (To the youth) is the first movie in 2013 directed by Trieu Vy, which is considered a “big win”.

The film grossed over 700 million yuan ($108 million) and solidified Zhao’s transformation from a teenage idol to a director with a vision of her own.

With Zhao Wei’s sudden disappearance from the Internet in China in the past two weeks, September 9, the newspaper South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) wrote an article about “5 memorable Zhao Wei films that China seems to want people to forget”.

These are just 5 of the many films that Trieu Vy has appeared in.

1. Dearest (2014) – Beloved Child

This is a movie about family love. Based on a true story, the film tells the journey to find a child of divorced couple Dien Van Quan (Hoang Bo) and Lu Xiaojuan (Hao Lei). Before that, in a careless minute, Dien Van Quan lost his 3-year-old son, Bang Bang, in Shenzhen.

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 3.

Trieu Vy in the movie Beloved – SCMP screenshot

One day, when seemingly desperate, Tian Wenjun and Lu Xiaojuan found Peng Peng in a small village in Anhui province. However, now Bang Bang people call two times “Mom!” Ly Hong Cam (played by Trieu Vy), a poor farming woman.

But Ly Hong Cam did not know that her husband was the one who kidnapped Bang Bang 3 years ago. Later Ly Hong Cam became a suspect and was sentenced to 6 months in prison.

2. Mulan Flower (2009)

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 4.

Zhao Wei in the movie Mulan – SCMP screenshot

Zhao Wei plays Hua Mulan, a heroine in Chinese folklore, who joins the army instead of her father. As a very intelligent and talented young woman, Hua Mulan was not afraid to disguise herself as a man to be eligible for battle.

3. Shaolin Soccer Team (2001)

This is a classic Hong Kong film directed by Chow, co-written and starred by Chow. A sports comedy with a football theme, with the content about a team whose players are Shaolin masters.

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 5.

Trieu Vy plays A Mai in Shaolin Football Team – Photo: BILIBILI

In the movie, Trieu Vy plays A Mai, a cake girl with an ugly appearance. At the end of the movie, A Mai shaves her head as a goalkeeper for the Shaolin football team. With her tai chi technique of making dumplings, she helped the Shaolin team win over the players Use doping to boost the opposing team’s strength.

4. Painted Skin (2008)

Movie Painting Cover with the participation of famous actors including Donnie Yen, Tran Khon, Chau Tan, Trieu Vy, Ton Le and Thich Ngoc Vu.

The movie is based on a story from a classic novel Liao boys are unique of China, composed by writer Bo Tung Linh.

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 6.

Trieu Vy (right) and Chau Tan in Painted Skin – SCMP screenshot

During the Qin Dynasty, General Vuong Sinh (played by Tran Khon) led the army to fight against the desert bandits of the West Region. During a chase, Vuong Sinh saved the life of a beauty named Tieu Duy (played by Chau Tan) and brought her home to take care of her.

However, Tieu Duy is actually a fox spirit that must eat human hearts to live. Tieu Duy fell in love with Vuong Sinh and felt jealous when he saw that Vuong Sinh loved his wife Boi Dung (Trieu Vy).

“Painting Heart” – the theme song of the movie Painted Skin

Since the arrival of Tieu Duy, Vuong Sinh’s area has seen a series of murders and the dead often lose their hearts. Suspicious that it was caused by Tieu Duy, Boi Dung sought out Bang Dung (played by Donnie Yen) – a skilled martial arts swordsman and once her lover – to ask to kill the fox.

5. Three (2016) – Tam Nhan Hanh

Trieu Vy's classic film is rediscovered after 2 weeks of disappearance - Photo 8.

Trieu Vy in the movie Tam Nhan Hanh – SCMP screenshot

Tam Nhan Hanh revolves around the complicated relationship of three characters, a doctor (Trieu Vy), a bandit who has just been released from prison Dai Nghia (Chung Han Luong) and police officer Dung (Co Thien Lac).

In an accident, Dai Nghia was injured in the head, the doctor’s conscience made Trieu Vy’s character unable to ignore while Dung police insisted on stopping.


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