Trump lawyer criticizes US government for ‘irrational’ access to classified documents

Trump’s lawyers called the investigation, searching the US Department of Justice’s Mar-a-Lago mansion for classified documents “unreasonable, unnecessary”.

“The pretext for starting this investigation came from the information that classified documents were discovered in 15 boxes of presidential files. However, this discovery was anticipated, given the nature of the documents. Simply put, the fact that the presidential document contains classified information is not worth causing a stir,” the team of lawyers for former US President Donald Trump presented in a court filing on August 31.

Trump’s legal team also repeated calls for an independent review of all documents obtained from the Mar-a-Lago estate and described the FBI’s August 8 search as “unprecedented, no necessary and irrational”.

Photos of classified documents were stacked by FBI agents on the floor of former US President Donald Trump during a search on August 8.  Photo: US Department of Justice.

Photos of classified documents were stacked by FBI agents on the floor of former US President Donald Trump during a search on August 8. Image: US Department of Justice.

The US Justice Department previously opposed a proposal to appoint a special expert to oversee the review of documents obtained from Mr. Trump’s residence. The agency also released photos of several “secret” or “top secret” documents found by agents when the FBI searched the mansion.

Trump’s legal team immediately condemned this action.

“The government’s gratuitous response, which included posting photos of supposedly classified documents, was lying all over the floor, just to create more dramatic effect,” the lawyers said.

After searching the Mar-a-Lago mansion on August 8, FBI agents brought 20 boxes of many classified US government documents, including 4 documents classified as “top secret”, along with a document stamped “top secret and sensitive”.

A Florida judge on August 12 publicly stated that the reason the FBI searched Trump’s home was that they suspected violations of the Espionage Act. This act makes it a crime to illegally obtain or store national security information.

Trump on August 22 sued the US government to court, asking to prevent the FBI from reading documents obtained after the raid of the mansion until special experts supervise.

However, the US Department of Justice announced on August 29 that FBI agents had read and completed a preliminary review of documents confiscated from the Mar-a-Lago mansion, and separately classified those files that may be classified as possible. regarding attorney-client privilege. The FBI’s move makes Trump’s request to appoint a special expert no longer necessary, because the US Department of Justice has already performed his function.

Ngoc Anh (Theo AFP)

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