Try online skin consultation and get unexpected benefits, find out that IU is with you, so you can feel more secure

Instead of constantly imitating other people’s skincare products from start to finish only to find that your own skin never changes, so now, you should seriously learn a simple method. Simple, yet very basic is going back to the first step: a skin consultation to understand your skin thoroughly. This suggestion seems to be innocuous, but surprisingly effective, because many women have started over with the skin consultation experience and affirmed that this is a step not to be missed if they want to have a healthy and beautiful skin.

Try online skin consultation and get unexpected benefits, learn to know that IU is with you, so you feel more secure - Photo 1.

Of course, the address of genuine skin consultation trusted by believers should not be hidden, but must be shared widely so that many women know and “visit”. For those who are interested, the consulting room CNP Laboratory with IU is a prestigious place that is extremely worth trying. The standard consulting room from Korea is “causing a fever” in the skincare community, especially when the KOLs are all “landing” at this address. What the girls receive is the “golden key” in skin care, such as knowing exactly what type of skin they are, what condition they are in and how to get promoted.

Try online skin consultation and get unexpected benefits, find out that IU is with you, so you feel more secure - Photo 2.

Van Pham – Diep Linh

As a “virtual but not virtual” consultation room by virtual lab for a lifelike experience, guaranteed by the famous cosmetic brand CNP Laboratory and brand ambassador IU – Kpop idol famous for his beautiful skin that thousands of people love. . The skin consultation process here is not cumbersome, so it is comfortable, convenient, and suitable for those busy women! Ladies who come to the consultation room only need to answer the “pre-designed” questions and immediately receive results about their skin type. But that’s not all, it’s still interesting, because this standard – genuine – smooth consulting room also advises you on a methodical skincare process that is most suitable for your skin as well as suggests CNP’s quality products for work. Skin care is more complete, bringing visible results for each person.

Try online skin consultation and get unexpected benefits, find out that IU is with you, so you feel more secure - Photo 3.

Come to the intelligent skin consultation room of CNP Laboratory, you will surely have nothing to complain about. The proof is that the first experience believers have had super satisfied feedback. As TikToker friend Khanh Ngan shared, she was surprised when she received skin consultation results and then found her favorite CNP sunscreen, which does not create a glossy film, gently evens skin tone and is especially suitable for use in the summer. hot.

Try online skin consultations and get unexpected benefits, find out that IU is with you, so you feel more secure - Photo 4.

Another TikToker, Huynh Nhu, also has a good impression of CNP Laboratory’s virtual consulting room. According to her, this place is the “dream skin consultation address” because it suggests suitable products, gives advice on what to do and what not to do for the skin to help them better understand their current skin. and easily get “okelah” skin care products. In addition, the consulting room also conquered the TikToker lineup including: Diep Linh, Hong Ngoc, Van Pham, Mai Nhu, Quynh Go, Tikka, … by providing a professional skin consultation session to help users get advice from a dermatologist. At the livestream counter, the addition of the IU ambassador accompanying her makes every girl feel more inspired to beautify.

Through the virtual consultation room and the “hot hit” of CNP Laboratory in Vietnam, it is easier for cosmetic enthusiasts to own safe, benign and highly effective skin care products at many systems such as: Hasaki, The Face Shop, Beauty Box, … It is known that at 11 am on June 25, 2022, the online skin consultation room held an online exchange with leading dermatologists to answer questions about skin problems. skin.

CNP Laboratory is famous for its highly effective but extremely safe pharmaceutical and cosmetic products with a commitment to the 5-no principle: no additives and food colors, no mineral oils, no parabens, no synthetic fragrances. and non-benzonphenone, well solve skin problems from acne skin, dry skin, damaged skin. Thanks to the philosophy of sustainable skin care with products that are absolutely safe, minimizing irritation for the most sensitive skin, CNP Laboratory is always “in love” with skincare believers and finds harmony with the goddess IU – The beauty possesses the “national sister” visual and the most youthful and beautiful skin in Korea. IU once revealed that she felt her skin was more beautiful when using CNP’s skincare “extremes”, excitedly expressed her love and decided to become an ambassador of this brand.

With CNP Laboratory, the products created by 50 passionate dermatologists have completely convinced users thanks to their outstanding effectiveness, nourishing healthy skin from the inside, respecting true healthy beauty. of skin in all age ranges.

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