Two Afghan reporters covered in horrifying wounds were tortured by the Taliban for reporting: ‘I thought they were going to kill me’

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Recently, photojournalist Naqdi and his colleague Taqi Daryabi working for Etilaat Roz (Information Daily) in Afghanistan shared pictures of their bodies covered in bruises after being detained and tortured by Taliban enforcement. for hours for covering a protest in the capital, Kabul. The shocking images attracted the attention of the public, especially in the context of the chaotic situation in Afghanistan with no signs of stabilizing yet.

They were arrested at a protest on Wednesday (September 8, local time) and taken to a police station in the capital. Here, both were punched, beaten with batons, electric cables, whips and accused of deliberately organizing protests. “One of the Taliban soldiers put his foot on my head, pressed my face to the concrete. They kicked me in the head… I thought they were going to kill me.”, reporter Nematullah Naqdi told AFP.

Two Afghan reporters, full of horror wounds, tortured by the Taliban for getting information: I thought they would kill me - Photo 1.

Photojournalist Naqdi and colleague Taqi Daryabi share images of being brutally beaten by the Taliban

Despite promises of a more conciliatory regime, the Taliban are now focusing on eliminating a wave of widespread protests against their new rulers. On Wednesday night, they declared the protests illegal unless authorized by the Justice Department.

That day, Naqdi and his colleague Taqi Daryabi were assigned to cover a small women’s protest in front of a police station in Kabul demanding the right to work and education. Naqdi said he was caught by a Taliban fighter as soon as he started taking pictures. “They told me it was impossible to film,” I said, “They arrested everyone who was filming and confiscated all the phones.”

Two Afghan reporters, full of horror wounds, tortured by the Taliban for getting information: I thought they would kill me - Photo 2.

Wounds from electric whips, batons, … from Taliban soldiers

Naqdi said the Taliban tried to take his camera, but he quickly threw it to someone in the chaotic crowd. Three Taliban soldiers then captured him, took him to the police station, and began brutally beating him. Taliban officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment from AFP.

“They see us as enemies. The Taliban started insulting me, kicking me.”, Naqdi said, adding that he was allegedly the organizer of the protest. When asked by these men why they assaulted them, the soldiers replied: “Luckily he wasn’t beheaded.” Naqdi was eventually taken to a mass cell where many people including his colleague, Daryabi, were also arrested and beaten. “We were in so much pain that we couldn’t move,” Daryabi said. Hours later, the two reporters were released without explanation.

Source: Yahoo!

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