Two moments to help Princess Kate and her husband “rescue” a little image after a stormy trip

On March 26, the Cambridges ended an 8-day trip in the Caribbean with 3 destinations: Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas. In the first two stages, the royal couple encountered many difficulties from a part of public opinion protesting related to sovereignty issues.

Princess Kate also faces accusations of unfriendly behavior with indigenous people. This is a rare thing that happens to the famous duchess as a person with a sociable and friendly way of dealing with everyone. In the last leg of their journey, the new royal couple really shined with two impressive moments in the Bahamas.

On March 25, Princess Kate and her husband had a visit to a primary school in Nassau. When I arrived at Sybil Strachan School, it suddenly started to rain heavily. Instead of feeling at a disadvantage, Princess Kate made a cheerful joke: “Oh my God! I’m so sorry Weather. We brought the rain from England“.

Two moments to help Princess Kate and her husband salvage a little of their image after a stormy trip - Photo 1.
Two moments to help Princess Kate and her husband salvage a little of their image after a stormy trip - Photo 2.

Princess Kate’s sunny smile

There is a moment about Princess Kate that has left a deep impression in people’s hearts that is the image of her holding an umbrella in the rain, smiling brightly, walking towards the school where the students are welcoming. .

Despite the dense schedule, constant travel and bad weather, the Duchess still conveys to the opposite person the most positive energy. This is not something everyone can do.

Princess Kate brought positive energy during the stormy trip

Another equally impressive moment for Princess Kate was when she competed in a boat race in Montagu Bay during a visit to the fishermen there. Although the weather was quite bad, the royal bride still showed enthusiasm with her love of sports. The Duchess and her comrades on the boat had a lot of fun.

Many people think that Princess Kate has erased the line between a member of the royal family and ordinary people. She is sociable and friendly, always bringing positivity and enthusiasm in every royal duty. The Duchess does not see it as a responsibility to do, but she makes it a memorable experience in her life.

Princess Kate gives her all in the regatta

Many comments that, in the last leg of the journey, Princess Kate has made a beautiful impression on the public. After wrapping up the tour, the royal couple flew back to the UK and continued to carry out a series of other busy schedules to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s reign.

Source: Daily Mail

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