Typical young citizen candidate in Ho Chi Minh City: Choose a reason to live a life of dedication and giving

Typical young citizen candidate in Ho Chi Minh City: Choose a reason to live a life of dedication and giving - Photo 1.

Young people volunteered to support, cook hundreds of thousands of meals to share with people in difficulty when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in Ho Chi Minh City recently – Photo: Q.NG.

Typical, outstanding and worthy is what can be heard and read on information channels and social networks when the list of candidates before the voting round is announced. Also because the initial appraisal department had a hard time filtering from more than 150 nominations to choose the final 11 faces.

Do anythings I like

Not only is Le Minh Triet one of the four youngest associate professors in the country when being recognized for this title in 2020, Le Minh Triet is also the youngest dean of Saigon University.

Possessing many articles published in prestigious international and domestic journals, he is still day by day researching and applying mathematical research to solve life problems.

In particular, the study of modeling the diffusion of a pollutant in the environment is useful for pollution treatment, or the spread of a virus that causes an epidemic to help find the rules, contributing to support predicting and limiting infection.

Dr. Doan Le Hoang Tan and the research team successfully synthesized five new biodegradable nanomaterials capable of carrying a variety of anti-cancer drugs, and successfully tested their ability to treat cancer on a cell model. and animals open up hope for cancer patients.

These nanomaterials increase the activity of anti-cancer drugs but reduce side effects and save the amount of drugs. Especially, there is no effect or residue in the body because after the transmission, the drug will be broken down and eliminated from the body.

Typical young citizen candidate in Ho Chi Minh City: Choose a reason to live a life of dedication and giving - Photo 2.

From left to right: Le Minh Triet, Doan Le Hoang Tan, Chau Minh Hien, Huynh Ngoc Hoang

Silently like a young civil servant Chau Minh Hien, she has contributed a lot to Ho Chi Minh City to complete the project of urban government organization, approved by the National Assembly and officially put into practice, not piloted.

“It’s a common job, but I feel excited when I accept the task because the project into practice helps the system to be streamlined but operate efficiently, suitable for the specifics and requirements of a developed city like Ho Chi Minh City. ” – Hien confided.

Meanwhile, engineer Huynh Ngoc Hoang was mentioned when the initiative he found through practice, although applied for less than five years, the initial calculation had benefited more than 7 billion VND for the city’s electricity industry. If counting during 8 years of working with 8 initiatives and solutions, the benefit value is more than 14 billion VND, saving over 8,100 labor hours for the unit every year.

These initiatives are also applied in the long term and can be replicated in many places, the value of benefits and savings will be much greater.

Happy when shared

Many people are no longer strangers to the smile of Miss H’Hen Niê, but during the fourth COVID-19 outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City. They were surprised to see her in medical protective clothing, becoming a volunteer to participate in epidemic prevention.

With her own influence, H’Hen Niê uses social networks to share volunteer activities, mobilize people to support and participate in epidemic prevention.

Not to mention, over the years, she has always accompanied many activities of the Ho Chi Minh City Association for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control, serving as an ambassador for Green Summer…

Typical young citizen candidate in Ho Chi Minh City: Choose a life of dedication and giving - Photo 3.

From left to right: H’Hen Niê, Tran Dang Van Tai, Ha Hieu Trung

Also an active volunteer, the student who just became the valedictorian of admission to Thu Duc College of Technology, Tran Dang Van Tai, said he had to struggle a lot when joining the local youth squad for epidemic prevention.

Also because there are elderly people and children at home, so after every working day, Tai returns and isolates himself from everyone in the family. “One day, my clothes still had to be soaked in boiling water, but I had to participate because it was the responsibility of young people, I also wanted to make a small contribution to the city to fight the epidemic,” Tai said.

And doctor Ha Hieu Trung said that it is inevitable that there are times when overloaded and tired, but never thought of giving up, but only regretted wanting to do more for COVID-19 patients while his strength was limited despite his best efforts.

He said that there were days when he only needed to receive a thank you letter from a patient after he recovered, after his illness was cured, he felt full of motivation to continue trying, to arrange time to handle work between tasks at the Oncology Hospital. Ho Chi Minh City and the role of deputy director of the COVID-19 field hospital No. 14.

Walk with passion

Ho Van Y for the past year has been a memorable name for sports fans, especially futsal. Honestly, I was surprised, but very happy when I entered the list of candidates for the title of young citizen of a big city.

That guy from Quang Nam has had four years of futsal career in Ho Chi Minh City, has achieved quite a lot of results. “I have more lessons after each tournament, especially at the recent Futsal World Cup in Lithuania to help Italy become more confident with the chosen sports path” – Italy shared.

Typical young citizen candidate in Ho Chi Minh City: Choose a reason to live a life of dedication and giving - Photo 4.

Ho Van Y and Nguyen Vo Ngoc Giau

Particularly, the youngest girl among the candidates Nguyen Vo Ngoc Giau is currently in grade 8 but possesses “classic” academic results and a remarkable musical talent. In addition to singing, she is mostly self-taught, but can play piano, guitar, drums, trumpet, ukulele, trumpet, and even… rock, having won a top prize for performing this instrument! Rich is also a little girl who has hosted many programs of the Team, both in the city and nationally.

And the whole heart is always ready to help others, sometimes even being called by friends as “doing a lot of things”.

Quietly committed

For the first time, among the candidates for this title, there is a female police officer who is a drug scout, but because of work requirements, she cannot reveal this time. Graduated in English pedagogy, but Huynh Nguyen Phuong Thuy is passionate about police uniforms. And that dream came true after two years of teaching, the girl took the exam and joined the Ho Chi Minh City police force.

“At first, I followed a different field, but then I joined the drug investigation team, participated in many projects, followed my brothers and became addicted. I told myself that I was just the representative of the team that received the honor. Nominated for this title because a successful demolition project is always a collective feat” – Thuy expressed.

Phan Dinh Linh

As for the police officer in the 9X area, Phan Dinh Linh, after three years of working in the area, there is almost no corner in the neighborhood that he is in charge of that he has not worn his heels. Every day, he ate lunch at a local’s house, he was so used to it that sometimes the owner of the house had eaten, and he went to the kitchen to eat by himself. That’s how proud you are!

So it’s not strange that just friends and relatives are present, no matter what, at any time. In anyone’s house there is mourning, the policeman also comes to light incense, only then do the relatives feel familiar and attached. “I haven’t returned to my hometown for more than a year, partly because of the translation, partly because of the translation, I also call my parents all the time. If I go to work to affect the papers, if I miss the work of my relatives, I will be very sorry” – Linh honestly.

11 candidates for “Typical Young Citizens of Ho Chi Minh City” 2021

1 Miss H’Hen Niê (top 5 Miss Universe 2018)

2 Ho Van Y (Vietnam futsal team goalkeeper)

3 Dr. Doan Le Hoang Tan (Research Center for Nanostructured and Molecular Materials, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City)

4 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Triet (Saigon University)

5 Ha Hieu Trung (doctor of Oncology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City)

6 Chau Minh Hien (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Home Affairs)

7 Huynh Ngoc Hoang (Hoc Mon Power Company, Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Corporation)

8 Nguyen Vo Ngoc Giau (8th grade, Ha Huy Tap Secondary School, Binh Thanh District)

9 Tran Dang Van Tai (Thu Duc College of Technology)

10 Lieutenant Phan Dinh Linh (Police Area 1, Police Ward 1, District 5)

11 Senior Lieutenant Huynh Nguyen Phuong Thuy (Team 6, Drug Crime Investigation Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police).


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