Typical young citizen of Ho Chi Minh City: Living is giving and receiving only for yourself…

Typical young citizen of Ho Chi Minh City: Living is giving and receiving only for yourself... - Photo 1.

“Typical Young Citizens of Ho Chi Minh City” 2021: Huynh Nguyen Phuong Thuy, Tran Dang Van Tai, Chau Minh Hien, Huynh Phuong Nguyet Anh, Nguyen Vo Ngoc Giau, Ha Hieu Trung, Phan Dinh Linh, Ho Van Y (front row) , from left to right) and Huynh Ngoc Hoang, Le Hao, Nguyen Hong Truc Vi, Le Minh Triet, Doan Le Hoang Tan (back row, from left) – Photo: NGOC PHONG

They had a year to make their own mark in the midst of many difficulties due to the influence of the epidemic. Because you not only shine with your academic and work achievements, you are also on the front lines, contributing to the city in preventing and fighting the epidemic.

My strength can’t do anything big, but if each person contributes a little, they will fight back the epidemic, so that the city can return to normal soon, so I went to fight the epidemic right after the completion of the national high school exam.


On the front line anti-epidemic

Not being able to stand aside is the common answer of the “Typical Young Citizens” this year when the 4th epidemic broke out strongly in Ho Chi Minh City. Without being called, without waiting to be invited, you chose to enter the hot spot of the epidemic between those months.

Doctor Huynh Phuong Nguyet Anh volunteered to go to Bac Giang epidemic center in the middle of the days when people here were in dire need of a medical team. Nguyet Anh, along with the doctor who “shaves his head into the epidemic center” Dang Minh Hieu and many young doctors and nurses from many other hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City at that time almost became the symbol of the city’s youth named Uncle, ready to provide aid, standing side by side with the medical team in Bac Giang to fight the epidemic. After returning, not long after resting, Nguyet Anh was again at Cu Chi field hospital, fighting with patient F0.

Also, Dr. Ha Hieu Trung until now is still the youngest deputy director in field hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City treating COVID-19 patients. Assigned to be in charge of the administrative process, Dr. Trung said he always tries to make everything related to paperwork and procedures run as quickly as possible. But with expertise, he still feels pain when his own strength is limited, unable to help more patients despite “running” at full speed.

With Miss H’Hen Niê, many people were surprised to know that after that protective suit was the Miss who represented Vietnamese beauty and brought home the top 5 of the Miss Universe contest. gender. H’Hen Niê spent many days in the squad supporting people to get vaccinated at the city’s busiest injection site. At other times, people saw the beauty queen driving her motorbike to the supermarket to buy things to help people in the blockade area. Those are the days that seem tireless because no matter how late the night before, the next morning is still awake, showing up early to enter the task.

Or like new student Tran Dang Van Tai, circus actress Nguyen Hong Truc Vi, little girl Nguyen Vo Ngoc Giau… each contributed according to their ability. Truc Vi accompanies the volunteer team of the city’s young artists and writers. Ngoc Giau and his family contributed tons of vegetables, eggs, rice, instant noodles to share with the disadvantaged people in the area where they live, together to overcome the difficult days of the epidemic. The other friends too, after working to support the fight against the epidemic in the area where they live, everyone wants to contribute a hand.

“My family also has barriers, but I am committed to keeping myself safe, limiting contact with people in my house during my volunteering days. My strength can’t do anything big but I can’t just stand by and watch, People contribute a little to repel the epidemic, so that the city can return to normal soon. I think that’s why we should go to fight the epidemic right after the completion of the national high school exam” – Van Tai confided.

I used to wonder that because I graduated from university, I was assigned to a ward to work as a regional police officer, but the more I loved the job the more I loved it because I was in the people, trusted by the people, and when I had to choose, I chose the people.



Proud, proud, a little surprised are the words you answered when you found out that you were voted as “Typical Young Citizen” of the city. Goalkeeper Ho Van Y said many friends also wondered why Quang Nam people but Ho Chi Minh City voted. When he knew that the criteria were not based on his hometown, just the individual’s contributions to Ho Chi Minh City, where each of you was living, studying and working, Italy said that she felt that she needed to be more responsible than to preserve her reputation. It is also the trust that has been given to me by this land.

Dr. Doan Le Hoang Tan is still hard at work in the laboratory, continuing with his research to optimize the existing results, and at the same time find new directions for himself. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Triet daily shares knowledge, inspires students, enthusiastically guides dozens of graduate students and doctoral students from his research works.

Young female civil servant Chau Minh Hien is quiet with many initiatives at work, advising and contributing to the implementation of the city’s administrative reform program. Or engineer Huynh Ngoc Hoang from his own daily work has improved many devices, explored new ways of doing things, which initially made billions of dollars for the unit. Hoang is confident: “These initiatives can be applied on a large scale, in many places and I believe the benefit value will be even greater then, and serve customers more effectively.”

Meanwhile, female drug detective Huynh Nguyen Phuong Thuy works day and night with her teammates in new projects, accepting dangers to be able to crack down on many drug cases, uncovering criminal lines with unknown numbers. huge amount of goods. Lieutenant Le Hao chose to quietly and with his solid arguments argue and fight against the enemy’s distorting and opposing claims, especially in cyberspace, affirming the youth’s belief in the path that Uncle Ho, the Party and the nation chose.

And the policeman in the area Phan Dinh Linh is still present at any time, at any time, as long as it is when people call and people need it. Even people do not call, he still walks around the area assigned to see if he can help people or not. “We choose the people, only live with the people. From among the people, the people will believe and love. And when the people have believed, it will be the eyes and ears for the work of the regional police because nothing can pass through the eyes of the people. “- Linh expressed.

14 “Typical Young Citizens of Ho Chi Minh City” 2021

1. Dr. Doan Le Hoang Tan (Research Center for Nanostructured and Molecular Materials, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City)

2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Triet (Saigon University)

3. Ha Hieu Trung (doctor of Oncology Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City)

4. Chau Minh Hien (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Home Affairs)

5. Huynh Ngoc Hoang (Hoc Mon Power Company, Ho Chi Minh City Electricity Corporation)

6. Nguyen Vo Ngoc Giau

(grade 8 Ha Huy Tap Secondary School, Binh Thanh District)

7. Tran Dang Van Tai (Thu Duc College of Technology)

8. Lieutenant Phan Dinh Linh (Police Area 1, Police Ward 1, District 5)

9. Senior Lieutenant Huynh Nguyen Phuong Thuy (Team 6, Drug Crime Investigation Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police)

10. Lieutenant Le Hao (Gia Dinh Regiment, Ho Chi Minh City Command)

11. Huynh Phuong Nguyet Anh (Doctor of University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City)

12. Nguyen Hong Truc Vi (circus performer, Phuong Nam Art Theater)

13. Miss H’Hen Niê (top 5 Miss Universe world 2018)

14. Ho Van Y (Vietnam Futsal team goalkeeper).


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