UK ‘did not invite Russian leaders to Queen’s funeral’

British government sources said London did not invite the leaders of Russia and Belarus to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, but Mr. Putin had previously ruled out the possibility of attending the event.

Britain will invite about 500 leaders and representatives of countries and territories to London to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on September 19, but without Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko, due to two the country is involved in the war in Ukraine, according to an unnamed source in the British government.

President Putin sent a message of deep condolences after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last week. However, he quickly ruled out attending the funeral.

Russia and Belarus both have embassies in London, although diplomatic relations with Britain have been strained by the war in Ukraine, which was launched by Russia and supported by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. The two leaders are also subject to a travel ban as part of UK sanctions since the conflict broke out in Ukraine.

Queen Elizabeth II's coffin at St Giles Church in Edinburgh on September 12.  Photo: PA.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin at St Giles Church in Edinburgh on September 12. Image: PA.

Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey early next week is set to be a major diplomatic event, posing security and procedural challenges.

US President Joe Biden confirmed to attend the funeral. He is said to be able to reach the event in the famous “Beast” armored vehicle.

Earlier, some sources revealed that Mr. Biden had to share a car with other world leaders when he attended the funeral, but the organizers corrected that the leaders of Britain’s closest allies were allowed to travel. by private means.

In addition to Mr. Biden, the list also includes French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Emperor Naruhito.

“It will be an extremely busy time and we are confident that world leaders and other attendees to the UK will understand this is a challenging time and an unusual situation,” a spokesman said. British government said on September 13.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin is brought to Buckingham Palace in London, England, on the evening of September 13. The Queen died on September 8, at the age of 96, after more than 70 years of reign. The Queen’s national mourning series of events took place 10 days after her death, ending with a funeral at Westminster Abbey in London on September 19.

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