UK supplies anti-ship weapons to Ukraine

British defense officials said hundreds of Brimstone anti-ship missiles will be delivered to Ukraine shortly.

“Preparation of this batch of Brimstone missiles is fast enough that it can be delivered to Ukraine in the next few weeks,” James Heappey, the UK’s undersecretary for the armed forces, told parliament today.

According to Heappey, the plan to provide hundreds of Brimstone anti-ship missiles is carried out in response to a request to provide long-range weapons from Ukraine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said last week that Britain was considering options for supplying Brimstone missiles to Ukraine, including installing them on motor vehicles.

British Air Force soldiers next to an aircraft-launched version of the Brimstone missile.  Photo: RAF.

British Air Force soldiers next to an aircraft-launched version of the Brimstone missile. Image: RAF.

Brimstone is a family of missiles developed by the UK, which can be launched from many platforms such as aircraft and warships. The missile was initially optimized for the destruction of ground targets such as tanks, but can be used to attack targets such as armed boats and small warships.

The first Brimstone version entered service with the British Army in 2005 and has been used on the battlefields in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Each bullet is 1.8 m long and has a mass of 50 kg, of which the armor-piercing warhead weighs 6.3 kg, has a range of about 20 km and a speed of 1,600 km/h.

Brimstone 2 variant was commissioned in 2016 with many improvements in detectors to increase the ability to capture camouflaged targets in complex environments. The rocket engine has also been improved, allowing it to hit targets from a distance of 40-60 km, depending on the type of launcher.

The British Ministry of Defense in an intelligence report released today said that the Russian Black Sea Fleet is stationing about 20 warships near the coast of Ukraine, capable of launching cruise missiles to attack targets deep in the country’s territory. this.

In recent days, the President of Ukraine has repeatedly urged Western countries to increase support for heavy weapons, especially fighters, tanks and long-range missiles for Ukraine.

British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on April 25 that London would provide Kiev with armored vehicles capable of launching missiles against Russian aircraft. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss then called on allies to step up the production of military equipment, as well as send more weapons and heavy weapons to support Ukraine in the conflict, despite the risk of escalation. straight.

Vu Anh (Theo BBC)

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