UK testing mixed injection of COVID-19 vaccine in children

The UK is testing mixed injections of the COVID-19 vaccine in children - Photo 1.

A teenager is vaccinated against COVID-19 in Ireland. From next week, the UK will give a COVID-19 vaccine to children aged 12-15 – Photo: BBC

According to Reuters news agency on September 16, the study called Com-COV3 will test different COVID-19 vaccines for children aged 12-16, and observe immune responses and side effects in children. young.

“The issue of interest here is the risk of myocarditis, especially in teenage males, following the second dose of Pfizer vaccine,” said Matthew Snape, who led the trial and led the trial. job for the Oxford Vaccine Group – said.

“This study will provide the UK Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunizations (JCVI) with important information for them to make recommendations on the immunization of British youth,” added Mr Snape.

All children participating in the trial received their first dose of Pfizer vaccine. Eight weeks later, one group of children will receive a second dose of Pfizer while the other group will either receive half a dose of Pfizer, a dose of Novavax or a half dose of Moderna.

The trial is recruiting 360 child volunteers.

Mr Snape is also testing the vaccine mix in adults, and said results would be “soon” to come.

On September 13, the British Government’s top medical advisers recommended that all children aged 12-15 get a dose of the vaccine to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in schools and avoid learning disruptions. .

Therefore, from next week, 12-15 year olds in the UK will be vaccinated, while from August 16-17 year olds in the country will be vaccinated.

While it is recommended that children get their first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, UK health officials say they will make a recommendation for a second dose later as more relevant data are pending.

In early September, the JCVI – the UK’s advisory committee on immunization – recommended against widespread vaccination of healthy children aged 12-15, citing rare side effects of myocarditis and inflammation. pericardium of mRNA-technology vaccines such as Pfizer.

Authorities in Hong Kong (Mainland China) have recommended only one dose for children due to concerns about the aforementioned side effects.


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