UK tests test that can detect 50 types of cancer early

He tried a test to help detect 50 types of cancer early - Photo 1.

A simple blood test can detect more than 50 types of cancer – Photo: GETTY IMAGES

Because the DNA of cancer cells is different from the DNA of healthy cells, the test, called Galleri, looks at the DNA in a patient’s blood to determine if cancer cells are present. .

Galleri’s early cancer detection method – developed by the healthcare company Grail (USA) – will help patients have the opportunity to receive early treatment and significantly increase survival rates.

“This quick and simple blood test could be the start of a revolution in cancer detection and treatment here (UK) and around the world,” said Amanda Pritchard, chief executive of the NHS. appear confident.

“By detecting cancer even before signs and symptoms appear, we have the best chance of a cure and we can give people the best chance of survival,” Pritchard said. know more.

When detecting signs of cancer, Galleri test results can tell where in the body the cancer cells appear with high accuracy, helping medical professionals to guide appropriate treatment for patients. patient.

From September 13, the NHS started testing this simple blood test method with 140,000 volunteers in the UK to test its effectiveness.

Volunteers will be tested for blood in the coming weeks. Two years later, they were tested again.

The NHS said the volunteers – aged between 50 and 77 – came from a range of health conditions and ethnicities, and had not been diagnosed with cancer in the past three years.

“We need to carefully study the Galleri test to find out if it can significantly reduce the number of cancers that are often diagnosed at a late stage,” said Peter Sasieni, professor of cancer prevention and control. Cancer prevention at King’s College (King’s College London, UK) – explained.

Lung cancer is by far the most common cause of death in the UK, accounting for around a fifth of all cancer deaths. The NHS says lung, bowel, prostate and breast cancers account for 45 per cent of cancer deaths in the UK.

Ms Pritchard said the Galleri method could play a key role in the NHS’ ambition to detect 75% of cancers in an easily treatable early stage.

According to Radio Sky News, Galleri is particularly effective in detecting cancers that are often difficult to identify early, such as cancers of the head and neck, bowel, lung, pancreas, and nasopharynx.

However, this method cannot detect all types of cancer. Therefore, it cannot replace other NHS screening programs for cancers such as breast, cervical…

The first test results are expected in 2023. If successful, the test method will be used from 2024.


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