UK: Unexpected end for more than 300 soldiers testing new tanks

British Defense Secretary Jeremy Quin said the news, adding that reported health problems included hearing loss, back spasms and joint pain. According to Mr. Quin, 248 of the 310 soldiers mentioned above have been assessed for health.

Mr. Quin added that Department of Defense officials are continuing to “identify and monitor the hearing of soldiers exposed to Ajax tank noise” and that “the military is also in the process of determining the extent of the noise.” health effects in persons potentially exposed to tank vibrations”.

Earlier, in July, a British government report revealed that the new Ajax tank will cause health problems for soldiers using them if this tank is traveling at a speed of more than 32 km / h.

Referring to the above content, Mr. Quin said concerns about the shaking problem of the Ajax tank were raised before the test began in November 2019.

Mr. Quin pledged that after the final conclusion, the Ministry of Defense will investigate the errors related to the program.

UK: Unexpected ending for more than 300 soldiers testing new tanks - Photo 1.

Ajax Tank. Photo: Defense Images

In the immediate future, Mr. Quinn admitted that it is not possible to determine when the Ajax tank will be put into use, but affirmed that the Ministry of Defense will not “accept a vehicle that is not suitable for its use”.

At the same time, Mr. Quin said Ajax car tests can continue. However, employees of General Dynamics Company will participate in the upcoming tests, instead of soldiers. Previously, General Dynamics was selected to produce 589 Ajax light tanks for the army.

However, Tory Mark Francois, a member of the House of Commons Defense Committee, called the Ajax tank program a disaster.

The Telegraph reported in July that the Ajax tank test operation was suspended from November 2020 to March 2021 after some soldiers taking part suffered from swollen joints and ringing in their ears.

About $4.9 billion has been spent on the Ajax program, which was launched in 2014 and is expected to be completed in 2024.

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