Ukraine President: ‘We deserve to be a full member of the EU’

President of Ukraine: We deserve to be an official member of the EU - Photo 1.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky – Photo: REUTERS

“We are not fighting just for the people of Ukraine, but for the security of Europe and we have shown that we are worthy of being a full member of the EU,” Zelenskiy said in a video address last week. Swedish Parliament.

He urged: “It’s time to do it. I believe you will support us.” He also asked Sweden for help to rebuild Ukraine after the war ended.

“I want Swedish companies, Swedish architects, the state and the Swedish people to participate in the reconstruction with Ukraine. We will rebuild for the sake of the people… for the sake of Europe,” the Ukrainian president said through an interpreter.

According to Reuters news agency, Zelensky’s proposal to become a member of the EU is not new but is repeated in the context that NATO, G7 and EU will all hold summits on March 24 to discuss next measures. to punish Russia.

Zelensky will also speak to NATO and EU leaders online and is expected to call on the West to introduce more sanctions against Russia.

In his address to the NATO summit, Zelensky called on NATO leaders to increase military support to Ukraine to help it counter Russian forces. However, he did not mention the request to join NATO or establish a no-fly zone as in previous statements.

Reuters news agency quoted a senior US administration official as saying the US and its allies were working to support Ukraine.

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