Ukraine says 35 people died in airstrikes on western bases

The governor of Lviv said that 35 people were killed and more than 130 injured when a military base near the city of the same name in western Ukraine was hit by a Russian missile.

“Russian forces carried out an airstrike against the International Security and Peacekeeping Center (IPSC) near the city of Lviv. I regret to report that 35 people were killed, 134 were injured with varying degrees of severity. different and are being treated at a military hospital,” Maksym Kozytsky, governor of Lviv province in western Ukraine, said today.

Governor Kozytsky said that the strike was carried out by cruise missiles launched from Russian aircraft over the Black Sea and Sea of ​​Azov, adding that the fires were under control and the authorities were examining the scene.

Debris at IPSC after a Russian air strike on the morning of March 13.  Photo: Reuters.

Debris at IPSC after a Russian air strike on the morning of March 13. Photo: Reuters.

The base attacked in Yavoriv, ​​about 40 km northwest of the city of Lviv and about 25 km from the Polish border, is a training center for the Ukrainian army with the participation of many foreign experts, including US and Canadian military personnel. This is also the place where the joint drills between Ukrainian troops and NATO member countries are often held.

Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said it was where “many foreign trainers worked”, but did not say if there were foreigners at the base when it was raided. NATO forces withdrew from Ukraine before Russia launched a military operation in the country on February 24.

The airstrikes show that Russia is stepping up its attacks in western Ukraine, after more than two weeks of focusing only on targets in the north, south and east. Lviv is a transit point for millions of refugees across Ukraine to neighboring countries.

The IPSC attack came after Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that the Russian military could target convoys carrying Western weapons supplying Ukraine. “We have warned the US that transferring weapons to Ukraine from a number of countries is both a dangerous move and makes these convoys a legitimate target,” Ryabkov said.

Many Western countries have provided training to transfer modern weapons, with thousands of anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, to Ukraine, mainly through the gateway in the west of the country.

Location of the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, near the Polish border.  Graphics: NY Times.

Location of the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, near the Polish border. Graphics: NY Times.

The Russian military on March 12 also attacked a series of targets in western Ukraine. Lutsk airport in northwestern Ukraine, about 112 kilometers from the Polish border, suffered some damage. The governor of the Volyn region said a Russian bomber fired four missiles at the airport, killing two people.

Mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk in southwestern Ukraine said an airport there was almost completely destroyed by Russian air strikes, but no casualties were reported.

Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine has entered its 18th day. The Russian Defense Ministry on March 12 announced that after 17 days of fighting, its forces had defeated 3,593 Ukrainian military targets, including many helicopters. , tanks and artillery.

The British Ministry of Defense said on March 12 that Russian ground forces, about 25 km from the center of Kiev, could besiege the Ukrainian capital in the next few days.

Russian forces and separatist militias currently control the city of Kherson and several small cities in southern and southeastern Ukraine, besieging Mariupol and Kharkov, and are working to increase pressure with larger targets.

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