UN urges world to dialogue with Taliban

The United Nations Secretary-General called for dialogue with the Taliban government to prevent the risk of millions of deaths due to economic collapse.

“We must maintain dialogue with the Taliban and affirm our principles, which is dialogue in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. It is our responsibility to show support to those who are suffering, where millions of people are at risk of starvation,” United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in an interview on September 9.

Members of the Taliban at Kabul airport on September 9.  Photo: AFP.

Members of the Taliban at Kabul airport on September 9. Photo: AFP.

Mr. Guterres said there was no guarantee that the discussions would yield results, but that the parties needed to talk to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a terrorist den, as well as to ensure the rights of women and minorities. . “At least there is a willingness to talk,” he said, indicating a willingness to go to Afghanistan in the future when conditions permit.

The United Nations Secretary-General said that Afghanistan needs to be run in peace, stability and respect for human rights, asserting that the Taliban is in need of recognition and support from the world.

“That will bring some advantages to the international community. Economic collapse will lead to unimaginable humanitarian disasters. I am not talking about lifting sanctions or recognizing the Taliban, but measures. concrete measures so that the Afghan economy can grow,” he said.

The Taliban regained control of Afghanistan last month, pledging to form an inclusive government that represents Afghanistan’s complex ethnicities. Moving from insurgency to power, the Taliban faces a host of major problems, including lurking humanitarian and financial crises.

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