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Sydney Opera House (Australia) shows a tribute to Queen Elizabeth on September 9 – Photo: Reuters

Grief, pity, pity, regret, recovery… are words that describe the mood often used when talking about the loss of someone you love, respect or admire. But I really can’t choose a word to fully describe my mood and feelings right now!

70 years of reigning the UK, the number of a lifetime, 70 years she has lived with all love, bravery and resilience, duty and responsibility as a queen to her people .

During her 70-year reign, no one has failed to mention Queen Elizabeth II when it comes to the United Kingdom, the only and familiar symbol. I may not have met her in person, but myself and I believe many generations of people in the UK see her as a grandmother, a mother in the family.

Her achievements and dedication to the UK and the world have been and continue to be recorded in many famous global newspapers. But I felt even more deeply the human values ​​of the Queen of England while staying at Oxford University.

Oxford is the intellectual center of all mankind and every year members of the British Royal Family visit here. From my own experience, the schools in Oxford are all Royal in style, from the architecture, costumes, rituals or most noticeable are the symbols of the schools.

I am a student at Oriel College, one of the oldest and most traditional schools in Oxford, whose logo is the lions of the British Royal Family. There was a portrait of the Queen of England hanging in the school, and before the formal and traditional school dinners began, we raised our glasses, turned our eyes to her, and said, “For the Queen.” King).

At that time I had the feeling that the Queen was here, joining us in this cozy dinner. She is always remembered in such intimate ways.

The Queen of England is a great woman. She is truly an inspiration and a symbol of many women around the world. In her, I see harmony, wisdom and beauty, majesty but also very funny. She is also one of the most fashionable queens that people around the world always see when the Queen of England appears. Therefore, the people of the United Kingdom always see themselves in the image and person of the Queen of England.

As for myself, her intellect and temperament are the two things that inspire me the most. A woman can choose her career to be successful, choose the beauty to be, and choose the person she loves to be happy.

A person’s life passes, eyes open crying, closed eyes smiling, a blink of an eye 96 years of life.

Every year the people of the UK look forward to celebrating the Queen’s birthday or celebrating her reign, but now it is heartbreaking that they and we can only remember the day she passed away in peace. as peaceful as possible – September 8, 2022!

The life of the Queen of England through photos The life of the Queen of England through photos

TTO – The Queen of England was born on April 21, 1926, died on September 8, 2022, at the age of 96. Tuoi Tre Online reviews some pictures in the life of the Queen of England.

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