University enrollment 2022: Why are there so many virtual candidates?

According to statistics of the Ministry of Education and Training, in 2022, 941,580 candidates nationwide apply for admission to universities and pedagogical colleges on the Common System during the registration period for the high school graduation exam.

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By the time of registration, after knowing the test scores, there were more than 620,000 candidates who entered their aspirations with more than 3 million wishes (on average, each candidate had 5.03 wishes). Thus, the number of candidates applying for aspiration in 2022 reached nearly 66%, lower than in previous years.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thu Thuy, Director of the Higher Education Department, Ministry of Education and Training, affirmed that this is normal because compared to previous years, this year the registration of university admissions has new points, so it helps to reduce the number of “candidates” virtual”.

Every year, when registering for the high school graduation exam, candidates must simultaneously register their aspirations for admission to universities (after that, they can adjust the registration information to apply for admission within the prescribed time) and submit Admission fee immediately. Therefore, candidates will have the tendency and mentality of “just register first, register as many wishes” because they think that this is an opportunity to pass the exam, then gradually adjust.

This year, when registering for the high school graduation exam, candidates do not have to register their aspirations for university admission, but only need to check a box on the application form with the content “intention to apply for university admission or are not”. Only when there is a high school graduation exam score, candidates can actually register their specific admission aspirations and pay the fee.

When receiving the results of the high school graduation exam, candidates will know where they are, know their ability and ability to achieve. Many candidates, when the results were not high, and realized that they were not competitive enough when applying for university admission, so they did not register anymore. Many other children got results and decided to study abroad…

Therefore, it is normal that this year, there are quite a few candidates who do not enter their application on the System.

Virtual filtering is just a technique

Among more than 620,000 candidates applying for university admission, there are over 400,000 qualified candidates. The new feature of this year’s admissions examination is that the Ministry of Education and Training virtualizes all admission methods (except for direct recruitment according to regulations) with the aim of reducing virtualization for schools and creating equality and fairness for candidates. .

However, although the deadline for admission confirmation has expired on September 30, nearly 100 universities have announced additional admissions due to insufficient enrollment in the first round of admissions.

Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance held the opening ceremony of the new school year, although the new enrollment results reached 50%, the percentage of successful candidates who confirmed their admission on the system reached about 60%, the rate of successful candidates. enrollment procedures at the school nearly 50%.

Hung Vuong University, Ho Chi Minh City, has just announced additional recruitment with the same number of targets as the school’s stated target in the enrollment project, 2,045 targets.

Experts say that the virtual filtering of all methods does not achieve the expected results, the fields are still virtual.

However, this virtualization is not actually related to the virtual filtering technique of the Ministry of Education and Training. It comes from the needs of the candidates.

Currently, there is a large percentage of students who have been admitted to university but do not need to confirm their admission. The reason is that the successful candidate is not the most favorite field; due to tuition fees; because candidates participate in university entrance examination only to get achievements for the school or candidates have other options such as labor export, vocational training.

Nghe An is the locality with the highest percentage of export workers in the country in recent years. Among these, many students did not choose the university path. Statistics from the Ministry of Education and Training show that Nghe An is one of the localities with the highest number of unregistered candidates for university admission in the country.

At the time of registration for the high school graduation exam, Nghe An had 36,000 candidates. Of these, there are over 32,000 candidates wishing to apply for university admission. However, by the time of official registration, the number of unregistered candidates reached over 14,000 students.

Similarly in Hanoi, there were initially 91,043/97,999 candidates who wanted to apply for university admission. As after the application system opened, only 68,856 candidates registered.

According to the Ministry of Education and Training, the fundamental difference in registration for admission in 2022 is that candidates register their aspirations on the system after knowing the results of the high school graduation exam.

The figures for 2022 show the actual number and capacity of candidates who are able to compete for university admission and want to study after having full information about the results of the high school graduation exam (including the following scores: review). This is a positive signal, showing the candidates’ proactive orientations and decisions when there is enough information.

The record shows that virtual in enrollment does not actually depend on whether the Ministry of Education and Training has virtual filtering or not. Virtual filtering is just a technique to help schools avoid the situation that one candidate is admitted to too many schools, losing the opportunity of other candidates.

This year, the Preventive Medicine major of Hai Phong University of Medicine and Pharmacy recruited 60 candidates with a standard score of 19.1, while the floor score prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Training is 19. There are 249 candidates registered for admission and only 47 eligible candidates for admission.

Similar to the Nursing major of the University with a standard score of 19.05 (floor score of 19), there are 618 candidates who registered their aspirations. The virtual filter results return the number of successful candidates close to the 19-point floor from only 140-160/200 indicators of this industry.

In previous years, when the Ministry of Education and Training only virtualized the method of considering high school graduation exam scores, many universities still lacked the quota and had to take additional admissions. In 2021, the number of schools enrolling in the first phase will reach the target of 70% or less, accounting for 24.45%. In which, up to 17.78% of enrollment schools achieved less than 50% of the target.

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