Unseen horror scene: Hundreds of birds died in the cemetery after the downpour

Recently, a resident on the island of Bali (Indonesia) was extremely surprised to discover countless dead sparrows lying around, piled up in Gianyar cemetery after heavy rain poured down the area. this 9/9.

The man took out his phone to record a video and then shocked the online community because of the unprecedented tragic death scene in this area. The immediate question is who or what caused the mourning to this extent?

Initially, local authorities thought the incident was natural, possibly caused by inclement weather or even acid rain.

Not long after the small sparrows were found dead in the cemetery, a spokesman for the Indonesian Center for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA) said it was the first time such an incident had occurred in the area. .

This person said: “If we’re talking about conditions and natural events, it’s safe to say that there was a lot of acid in the rain. Maybe that caused the birds to fall.”

Made Santiarka, a spokesman for the zoo in Gianyar Regency, also agreed that the sparrows may have been killed by the inclement weather.

However, a follow-up statement released on September 10 revealed that pesticides may have been the cause of bird deaths. The BKSDA representative stated that the birds died from pesticide poisoning commonly used in the area. It is not clear whether the investigation is continuing after this statement.

Such a strange sight was first seen on the island of Bali but it has happened in many parts of the world. According to experts, thousands of birds were found dead on the shores of one of India’s lakes in November 2019. At that time, many bird species, including 20 migratory species, were found. on Sambhar Lake, India’s largest saltwater lake.

An unprecedented horror scene: Hundreds of dead birds in the cemetery after a downpour - Photo 3.

A total of more than 2,000 dead birds were found and some were sent to the laboratory for further examination.

Just a month later, hundreds of birds were found mysteriously dead on a quiet road in the Welsh countryside. It is a flock of starlings discovered near Bodedern in Anglesey. They died and fell to the ground after “eating something” on the side of the road.

One theory is that flocks of birds may have flown into the blades of industrial wind turbines, with each structure being about 31 meters high and 44 meters wide.

Source: The Sun

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