Update the bedroom to add “chill” with 5 hot hit shops on Shopee

The most “relaxing” place in the house is the bedroom, so there’s nothing wrong with taking care of this space, right, everyone? The eye-catching decor, super soft bed will help the bedroom “chill” more than that! And if you are wondering what to update for the bedroom, please suggest 5 hot hit shops on Shopee. All good quality items but extremely “iu” prices. If you buy it in a super sale, you can save quite a bit.

Lidaco Bedding

Want to upgrade the bed more “chill”, you just go to Lidaco Bedding to buy all the fine bedding items. This is the top favorite bedding brand on Shopee with more than 34,000 followers and tens of thousands of 5-star reviews.

Lidaco Bedding has nearly 900 products that are diverse in types, designs and materials. All kinds of “must have” dishes from blankets, feather pillows, mattress protectors to micro cotton pillows without worrying about flattening after a long time of use. And the hottest thing to mention is the mattress topper – the item that turns the mattress into a soft and smooth 5-star hotel standard. Its highlight is the surface of 100% cotton or super soft cotton, the inner layer is a whole cotton core, so it is comfortable to wash, without worrying about deformation. Especially, “she” is 5cm standard – the standard thickness of a 5-star hotel, for a smooth use experience for 12 months. Guess where you can find a top mattress topper like this.

Update the bedroom to add a

Not to mention, the shop also scores with countless models of blankets – sheets – pillows that “weigh” beautifully in every bedroom style, from gentle feminine, youthful personality to trendy luxury. Every time I change the sheets and pillow, the bedroom seems to be “makeover”. Product materials are also very diverse from cotton, poly cotton, tici cotton to high-quality Tencel silk.

More genuine, the shop will be free of charge for all sizes (poly cotton, cotton tici, tencel 60s), buyers have 15 days to exchange and return for free. Plus a voucher for up to 60K off, freeship up to 70K, quality items with a “sweet” price like this, if you don’t drop the basket, you will regret it!

Link shop: https://shopee.vn/lidaco.official

Nabu Furniture

If you love Korean standard bedroom style, please visit Nabu Furniture. The “nail” item here is the lovely wooden furniture that forgot the way home. The hottest hits are clothes hangers, decor shelves, and Korean-style bookshelves. In addition to the basic wood color, the shop also has many other color options for you to “mix and match” according to your preferences.

Update the bedroom to add

Other items such as a standing mirror, a standing and flat dressing table at Nabu Furniture also have a “sweet” look, the cake is guaranteed to look enchanting. Currently, the shop has more than 11,4000 followers and more than 2,000 positive reviews, so the quality and prestige must not be discussed!


How to decorate a bedroom without wall pictures, and Melyhome is a great place for you to “pick up” pictures with a super youthful and unique style. The shop has nearly 7,000 followers and a lot of 5-star reviews, let’s call it 10 prestige points!

Update the bedroom to add

Melyhome’s main products are combos of large-sized paintings, canvas paintings with the style of plants and flowers that are very suitable for summer “vibe”. In addition, you can also find combos of luxurious Nordic style paintings, impressive boho style and especially the shop has semicircular paintings with extremely unique designs. If you hang it in the room, you will have a “million likes” selfie background. Along with that, the shop also provides ready-made accessories such as 3-pin nails without drilling the wall, picture frames, whatever you need, Melyhome also has it.

Big Head Stationery

Decorating the bedroom with stationery is a trend, especially with some pretty items that want to faint at the Big Head Tree Stationery, your relaxing place just calls “chill” 10 times more. The “cute” notebook templates. Pen box, wooden desk shelf, alarm clock … will turn the corner of your study desk / desk in your bedroom into a youthful, flattering eye like never before.

Update the bedroom to add

The shop has more than 500 diverse items, so you don’t have to worry about your bedroom style being “touched”. In particular, the super “soft” price is a huge plus point of the shop, you are free to refurbish your bedroom without worrying about “burning your wallet”.

Heny Garden

Try adding a little aroma of essential oils or scented candles at Heny Garden to your bedroom, your relaxing place will become a lot more “relaxed”. Those who are on the “team” who have trouble sleeping can choose a set of essential oils to support good sleep, those who are passionate about aroma, please choose immediately the aromatherapy essential oil set. The feeling of entering the room with a cool scent is really “long-lasting love”.

Update the bedroom to add

At Heny Garden, you want to find every fragrance, from masculine woody notes to sweet caramel, gentle florals. In addition to essential oils and large cup candles, the shop also has mini scented candles at extremely low prices for you to easily experience many scents at the same time.

In particular, the shop sells both scented candles and sets of “cute” tools and decorations for you to make your own scented candles. Feel free to “make” your own signature scent and decor that is only available in your bedroom, it’s too “fascinating” to hear.


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