US appoints special expert to oversee Trump case

The US appoints a special expert to oversee the Trump case - Photo 1.

Judge Raymond Dearie (pictured left) has been appointed as a special supervisor to review documents the FBI seized at the Mar-a-Lago estate – Photo: AP

On September 15, Judge Cannon appointed veteran judge Raymond Dearie, who has experience in handling US national security issues, as an independent monitor to review documents filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The US State (FBI) confiscated it at the Mar-a-Lago mansion in August.

Dearie, 78, is tasked with reviewing and deciding whether any documents are protected under the privileges enjoyed by the former president, including attorney-client and executive privileges.

Supervisor Dearie will also decide which documents should not be accessed by federal investigators, according to the report Guardian.

Judge Cannon’s September 15 ruling also denied the US Justice Department immediate review of classified documents seized by the FBI from the former President Trump’s residence.

The US Justice Department and Trump’s lawyers have yet to comment on the report.

Dearie is one of two candidates proposed by former President Trump to serve as a special supervisor to examine documents seized by the FBI. The US Justice Department has said it will not oppose Dearie’s appointment.

Mr. Trump is being investigated by the US Department of Justice for storing government documents, some of which were marked classified, top secret and top secret, at his Mar-a-Lago estate after he left office. in January 2021.

During the search, the FBI seized more than 11,000 documents.

The US Justice Department is also looking into the possibility of Mr. Trump obstructing the investigation after it discovered evidence that the document may have been deleted or hidden when FBI agents visited Mar-a-Lago in June. past.

In 2011, Dearie was appointed to the foreign intelligence surveillance court, which reviews applications from the US government on national security matters. He served in this position until 2019.

Judge Cannon’s decision to appoint a special supervisor could complicate the Justice Department’s investigation. Dearie’s assessment could prevent prosecutors from accessing the documents as they weigh the possibility of criminal charges against Trump, according to Reuters news agency.

Dearie will have until November 30 to complete a review of the documents seized by the FBI.

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