US evacuates citizens for the first time after withdrawing from Afghanistan

Four US citizens left Afghanistan by land in the first evacuation arranged by Washington since the withdrawal of all troops from the Central Asian country.

“The group of American citizens was greeted by diplomats at the border. The Taliban were aware of the evacuation effort and did not hinder them,” the senior US official said on Thursday, but declined to elaborate. reveal which country these people are being picked up in.

It is possible that many of the citizens left Afghanistan in their own ways after August 31, US officials said. Washington insists it is closely monitoring the Taliban’s commitments, including allowing citizens of the United States and its allies to leave Afghanistan freely.

Taliban forces patrol northeast of Kabul on September 6.  Photo: AFP.

Taliban forces patrol northeast of Kabul on September 6. Photo: AFP.

The US government estimates there are more than 100 citizens, most of them dual nationals, still in Afghanistan after a large-scale two-week evacuation operation at Hamid Karzai International Airport in the capital Kabul. . Tens of thousands of interpreters and people working for the US and their family members have not been able to leave Afghanistan.

Operation of the Kabul airport has not yet resumed, leaving overland the only option to leave Afghanistan, mainly via Pakistan or Iran.

The Taliban launched a lightning military campaign to capture most of Afghanistan in the past few weeks, after the US and its allies withdrew from the Central Asian country. The Taliban on August 15 entered Kabul without encountering government resistance, completing control of Afghan territory.

The US and allied air evacuation campaign ended on the night of August 30 with about 124,000 foreign nationals and Afghans being removed from the Central Asian country.

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