US opens two investigations into submarine incidents in the South China Sea

The US Navy opened two separate investigations into the collision of the USS Connecticut with a strange object in the South China Sea, but kept all information confidential.

“Naval Systems Command (NAVSEA) is responsible for coordinating the damage assessment process and recommending repair options. Puget Sound Shipyard will monitor and perform temporary repairs. USS USS Emory S. Land is the facility responsible for maintenance,” Lieutenant Colonel Cindy Fields, a spokesman for the submarine force of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, said on October 10.

USS Connecticut left a port in the US for a mission in May. Photo: US Navy.

USS Connecticut left a port in the US on a mission in May. Photo: US Navy.

The NAVSEA investigation team was in Guam to meet the USS Connecticut crew. “U.S. Navy 7th Fleet has launched an investigation into the command system, while Submarine Force Command of the Pacific Fleet is also conducting its own investigation into safety,” Lieutenant Colonel Field. added.

US officials have not released images of the USS Connecticut docked or on its way to Guam, as well as the cause of the submarine’s accident, only revealed that the ship returned to Guam on its own on October 9 and was damaged. damage to the nose.

The US Navy on October 7 released a statement that the nuclear attack submarine USS Connecticut collided with an underwater object on the afternoon of October 2, while operating in international waters in the Indo-Pacific region. Binh Duong, adding that the submarine was not badly damaged after the incident and the nuclear reactor was still operating stably. US naval officials later told media that the submarine had trouble in the South China Sea, but did not specify the location.

The unnamed US Navy official said there was no indication the incident was caused by hostilities or the submarine collided with another vehicle, adding that images captured by the submarine’s sensor systems showed the location. The shape of the seabed where the incident occurred did not show any reefs in front of the ship at the time of impact.

This collision can cause huge economic losses because the USS Connecticut is one of three Seawolf class ships, the most expensive attack submarines in the world with an estimated cost of $ 8.5 billion each.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian on October 8 criticized the US for “not being transparent” about the submarine collision, asking Washington to clarify the incident, including the specific location, operational intentions of the submarine. ship, the type of object that the submarine hit, and whether there is a nuclear leak that pollutes the marine environment.

The US and China have recently increased their activities in the South China Sea, as the competition between the two superpowers has become increasingly fierce. The US and its allies regularly conduct freedom of navigation operations in the South China Sea, while China has also increased sending military ships to the area and illegally militarizing its artificial islands there.

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