US permits condoms for anal sex

The US licensed condoms for anal sex - Photo 1.

Global Protection Corp’s One condom has 54 different sizes to choose from – Photo: AFP

On February 23, the FDA first approved condoms for anal sex, which is the One brand condom of Global Protection Corp.

FDA is based on clinical trial data with more than 500 people between the ages of 18 and 54 conducted by Emory University.

According to AFP news agency, although people have used condoms during anal sex as recommended by health authorities, condom companies have previously only been able to market their products. they are “safe and effective” for vaginal sex.

Sexual health advocates see this as flawed, as anal sex without a condom increases the risk of HIV transmission.

Additionally, according to one study, 69% of men who have sex with men would use condoms more often if they were indicated by the FDA.

“The FDA’s approval of specifically designated, evaluated, and labeled condoms for anal intercourse could improve condom use,” said FDA Director Courtney Lias.

Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease physician and medical director of an HIV clinic in San Francisco, welcomed the FDA’s move but expressed surprise that it took so long for the agency to push it forward. .

“The important thing about condoms is that they not only prevent HIV but also gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis,” she told AFP news agency.

The FDA says other condom companies will now be able to apply for similar approvals to Global Protection Corp’s One condom.

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