US President praises ‘vital’ relationship with ASEAN

President Biden said the ASEAN – US relationship plays an “important and vital” role for the future of the people when attending the summit between the two sides.

“Our partnership is essential to sustaining a free, open Indo-Pacific that has been the cornerstone of our security and shared prosperity for decades,” the US President said. Joe Biden speaks during the 9th ASEAN-US Online Summit today.

US President Joe Biden speaks at the ASEAN - US online summit today.  Photo: VNA.

US President Joe Biden speaks at the ASEAN – US online summit today. Photo: TTXVN.

This is the first time in four years that an American president has attended the ASEAN summit, since former President Donald Trump attended the ASEAN-US Summit in Manila, Philippines, in 2017.

In his opening speech, President Biden said the US is committed to the central role of the 10 ASEAN countries in the region, affirming that the US – ASEAN relationship is “important and vital to our country”. with the future of our entire one billion people.”

At this conference, the US is expected to focus on issues such as Covid-19 vaccine distribution, climate change, supply chains and infrastructure.

Earlier, the White House said that President Biden would announce a more than $100 million initiative to strengthen the relationship between the United States and Southeast Asian nations. According to the announcement, this funding will go to health, climate programs, programs to support post-pandemic economic recovery and education.

The day after the ASEAN summit, President Biden will participate in the East Asia Summit, bringing together ASEAN and other countries in the Indo-Pacific region.

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