US spends millions of dollars to save endangered ancient fish species

The US spends millions of dollars to save endangered ancient fish - Photo 1.

Humpback shark – Photo: UNCOVER COLORADO

Barrett Friesen, a bachelor of biology at the University of Utah, is working with colleagues to save humpback sharks, which have been severely reduced in numbers in recent times.

The AP news agency says the biggest threat to this species is smallmouth bass, which were predators migrating to the Colorado River: after When the Glen Canyon hydroelectric dam was built, the water area where the smallmouth bass lived was pretty much dried up, forcing them to find new places to live.

This migration has pushed humpback sharks, native to the Colorado River, to the brink of extinction.

In light of this situation, local authorities have spent millions to create a safe habitat for humpback sharks beneath the waters of Glen Canyon Dam, where they can partially control the movement. of smallmouth bass.

Even so, it is still possible for the smallmouth bass to successfully enter the area created by the authorities, and it has been taken into account.Solution to discharge water at hydroelectric dam.

However, this means they will have to “sacrifice” the production of electricity, and there will certainly be many objections.

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