US threatens to strike decisive blow if North Korea nuclear preemption

The United States has vowed to respond with “overwhelming and decisive” action if North Korea takes a pre-emptive nuclear strike as the law has just passed.

“We are committed to maintaining our efforts to deploy all forces to strengthen the alliance’s deterrence capability. The United States will strengthen coordination with South Korea to continue to deploy, maintain effective and timely weapons. strategy in the region, aimed at deterring North Korea and improving regional security,” the United States and South Korea said in a joint statement after a vice-ministerial meeting of the Expanded Deterrence Strategy and Advisory Group (EDSCG) on Tuesday. September 16.

This is the first time the EDSCG has held a meeting since 2018. In the statement, the two sides reaffirmed Washington’s “firm commitment” to defend Seoul, condemning Pyongyang’s new nuclear strategy as “escalating” and destabilize,” warned that any pre-emptive nuclear strike by North Korea would be “responded with an overwhelming and decisive response.”

The US and South Korean F-35A fighters exercised together in the Yellow Sea in July. Photo: USAF.

The US and South Korean F-35A fighters exercised together in the Yellow Sea in July. Photo: USAF.

US and South Korean officials said that the joint training of the F-35A fighter jets in July and the upcoming deployment of the Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier strike group are a clear demonstration of Washington’s commitment to the region. area.

The EDSCG delegation had previously inspected a US B-52 bomber, and pledged to strengthen its missile countermeasures capabilities and improve bilateral training, exercise and information sharing capabilities.

North Korea has not commented on this report.

North Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly, or parliament, on September 9 passed a law allowing the country to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike “automatically and immediately to destroy hostile forces” when another country pose an imminent threat to North Korea.

“The new law makes our state of possession of nuclear weapons irreversible,” said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, adding that Pyongyang will never give up its nuclear weapons. needed to deal with hostile behavior from Washington.

The move comes amid strained relations between North Korea and South Korea, when Pyongyang accused Seoul of causing the Covid-19 outbreak in the country. North Korea this year has carried out a series of missile tests with unprecedented frequency. Observers speculate that Pyongyang is preparing for its seventh nuclear test and the first since 2017.

Vu Anh (Theo Reuters)

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