US, UK coordinate drills to sink warships

British and American forces launched a series of anti-ship missiles as well as used other weapons to sink a decommissioned corvette during the exercise.

The US and British militaries last weekend released a video showing that the two countries’ air forces and navies coordinated to sink the decommissioned corvette USS Boone during a live-fire exercise called SINKEX off the coast of Scotland. The exercise took place within the framework of the Atlantic Thunder exercise, which lasted 12 days in early September.

Opening the exercise, the US Navy ships and the British frigate HMS Westminster launched three anti-ship missiles to hit the target, causing fire and smoke to explode on board the Boone.

The next volley of bombs from fighters fell on the battleship Boone, then the Paveway IV missile hit the ship causing a large explosion. The battleship Boone punctured many large holes in its hull and gradually sank into the sea.

America.  Britain practiced launching missiles to sink warships

The British and US air forces and navy coordinated to sink the USS Boone during a drill on September 7. Video: SINKEX.

This is the first time in two decades that the British navy has participated in SINKEX, and also the first time the British Air Force has sent Typhoon fighters to attack targets at sea during the event.

“Exercise Atlantic Thunder demonstrates that the UK and US navies and air forces can coordinate to carry out a series of attacks to destroy a target at sea at long range,” said Lieutenant Colonel Ed Moss-Ward, commander of the Westminster frigate. , identify.

Major General Oliver Lewis, commander of the US Navy’s Maritime Operations Department in Europe and Africa, said the Atlantic Thunder exercise showed how two allied armies could coordinate in the event of a major conflict. on the Atlantic Ocean.

The USS Boone corvette belongs to the Oliver Hazard Perry class, commissioned in May 1982 by the US and decommissioned in February 2012. Boone battleship has a displacement of 4,100 tons, a length of 138 m, can move at a maximum speed of 54 km / h and a maximum cruise of 9,300 km, carrying two SH-60 helicopters.

The battleship is equipped with one OTO Melara Mk.75 76 mm cannon, two clusters of three Mk.32 324 mm torpedo tubes, a Phalanx close-in defense complex, and a launcher that can be used for anti-ship missiles. Harpoon or SM-1R anti-aircraft/anti-ship missile.

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