US, Ukraine deny claims that Russia destroyed 4 HIMARS launchers

The United States and Ukraine denied this after Russia claimed to destroy four Ukrainian launchers and one HIMARS loader in Donetsk in two weeks.

Ukraine on July 22 called the Russian Defense Ministry’s statement “fake” information, created to undermine Western support for Kiev. Ukraine also praised the arrival of eight HIMARS complexes in the country that would change the game.

Meanwhile, an unnamed US official insisted that information about any HIMARS launchers being destroyed was not true.

The comments came after the Russian Defense Ministry confirmed that its forces destroyed four HIMARS launchers and one loader truck between July 5 and July 20, including two near Malotaranovka village, a launcher and loader near Krasnoarmeysk, and a launcher vehicle on the eastern edge of the city of Konstantinovka, both in the territory of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

The HIMARS complex fires at an undisclosed location in Ukraine in the image published June 24.  Photo: Reuters.

The HIMARS complex fires at an undisclosed location in Ukraine in the image published June 24. Image: Reuters.

Earlier, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley stated that Russia had not destroyed any HIMARS systems in Ukraine, and praised the Ukrainian military’s effectiveness.

HIMARS is a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher mounted on a wheeled chassis, developed from the M270 complex. The HIMARS system transferred to Ukraine has a crew of three, which can carry six 227 mm caliber M31 shells with a range of 80-90 km.

The HIMARS systems give the Ukrainian military the ability to penetrate deeper into the Russian line. This is considered a weapon of hope for Ukrainian forces, as soldiers believe it can help them make a breakthrough on the battlefield.

The Ukrainian military claims to have successfully carried out raids on 30 Russian logistics facilities and ammunition depots, taking full advantage of the power of HIMARS.

The White House on July 22 announced a new US military aid package to Ukraine worth $270 million, including four HIMARS complexes. This decision brings the total number of rocket artillery systems committed by the US to Ukraine to 20.

Huyen Le (Theo Reuters, Telegraph)

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