USA: 4-year-old girl dies from COVID-19 after being infected by anti-vaccine mother

Little girl Kali Cook, 4, died of COVID-19 at her home in Bacliff, Texas, USA on September 7, Kali’s mother, Karra Harwood, told local media.

Kali died just five hours after waking up early with the first signs of a fever, according to Harwood.

“Kali was completely fine, and then Kali suddenly passed away,” the grieving mother told the Houston Chronicle. “It happened so fast.”

USA: A 4-year-old girl died of COVID-19 after being infected by an anti-vaccine mother - Photo 1.

Little girl Kali Cook, 4 years old, passed away from COVID-19 on September 7.

Harwood said she had tested positive the day before. Before that, Harwood and her fiancé, William Tucker, both had to quit their jobs because they weren’t feeling well and had to be isolated at home.

“I tried to stay away from them and didn’t want my children to get sick,” the mother told the Galveston County Daily News. In addition to Kali, Harwood has two other children, both of whom later also contracted COVID-19.

The mother admitted that she regrets protesting against the COVID-19 vaccine. In Texas, vaccination rates are just over 50%, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

“I’m one of those anti-vaccines, protesting against them,” she told the local newspaper. “Now, I wish I’d never protested like that,” she admitted.

Kali was the first child to die from COVID-19 in Galveston County during the pandemic. The county has seen nearly 50,000 confirmed infections and more than 470 deaths, according to local health officials.

“This is a terrible thing, but I think people need to know about it,” regional health official Philip Keizer told the Galveston County Daily News of Kali’s death.

“It’s important that if your child is sick, you don’t say, ‘Oh, they’ll be fine.’ If your child is sick, go see a doctor,” Keizer recommends.

Kali has just started kindergarten. There was no indication he was infected at the school, officials said. Tracing did not reveal that Kali had been in close contact with anyone infected outside of his family.

Harwood and her fiancé wrote of Kali: “My heart is too pure for this cruel world and God has decided that he needs another beautiful angel by his side.”

“We’re all very down and in pain and just trying to figure out how to get over it [cuộc sống này] without children here,” the couple added, saying they were “so stressed and hurt”.

Recently, an American Tiktoker also called for vaccination right before dying from COVID-19. Specifically, while in hospital, Megan Alexandra Blankenbiller said that not getting vaccinated was a mistake. More than a week later, Megan died of COVID-19.

(Source: New York Post)

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