USA, UK, Australia shake hands; China criticizes

Under the initiative announced on September 15, the US and UK will help Australia purchase nuclear-powered submarines, so that the Australian navy can counter China’s nuclear-powered ships in the region. The US, Australia, and the UK also plan to increase technology sharing in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc.

The leaders of the US, UK and Australia did not mention China in the above statement. US officials also insist that the trilateral security partnership is not directed against Beijing. However, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said the agreement “seriously undermines regional peace and stability, and promotes an arms race”.

USA, UK, Australia shake hands;  China's criticism - Photo 1.

The Royal Australian Navy’s Collins class submarines Photo: Australian Department of Defense

Jeffrey Lewis, an expert at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (USA), expressed surprise when the US agreed to share sensitive nuclear submarine technology with Australia, as well as Australia’s pursuit of expensive military equipment. such money even though the military budget is not so rich. However, Jennifer Moroney, an expert on security cooperation at Rand Corp (USA), said that China’s expanding reach has spurred new military investments in the region. According to Ms Moroney, Australia needs to strengthen its defenses and submarines are only part of this.

Nuclear power will allow Australia’s attack submarine to operate continuously for five months and operate more quietly than existing Collins-class submarines, thereby helping it to better avoid enemies. However, some experts fear the agreement will set a dangerous precedent for countries to exploit loopholes in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). This treaty allows countries that do not possess nuclear weapons to build nuclear submarines. The fissile material for nuclear submarine reactors is obtained from depots monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency. The worry here is that a country could use this nuclear material for weapons production. With the above agreement, according to The Guardian, Australia is the first country to exploit the above vulnerability, leading to the risk that other countries will follow.

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