Using technology to prevent epidemics more effectively

Using technology to prevent epidemics more effectively - Photo 1.

COVID-19 epidemiological information map

The COVID-19 epidemiological digital map system, which was promptly added to the Intelligent Operation Centers (IOCs) of a number of provinces, has promoted its effectiveness in the management of epidemic prevention and control in these localities.

The IOC Center also provides all “hot” data on the mobile device platform (IOC APP) to help leaders at all levels immediately grasp the situation of the epidemic and can give timely direction, at any place, at any time.

The IOC Center promotes effectiveness in the prevention of the COVID-19 epidemic

Officially put into operation from September 2020, after a year of operation, the Binh Phuoc IOC Center built by VNPT has really promoted the effectiveness of a “digital brain”, which is the core foundation in the road map. provincial digital transformation.

In particular, during the past time, the IOC Center promptly updated, received, synthesized and analyzed information and data on the epidemic situation in the area to promptly and effectively support the work. direction of the Command Center for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in Binh Phuoc province.

The COVID-19 epidemiological digital map system quickly deployed on IOC Binh Phuoc has provided accurate and timely information to all Binh Phuoc people about the epidemic situation.

With this system, information on infected and suspected cases (F0, F1, F2); isolated areas and areas; checkpoint location; announced high-risk administrative areas, etc., which are fully updated in real time by the IOC center.

At the same time, all information and data about the COVID-19 epidemic is analyzed quickly, deeply and multi-dimensionally through the dashboard system at the IOC center, which has helped Binh Phuoc province’s leaders. Immediately see the whole picture of the epidemic situation, the data is presented visually with a high level of analysis through the chart to clearly see the increase and decrease in the number of positive cases, deaths, recovered cases. , vaccination… the distribution of infections, the distribution of high-risk areas with the smallest scale, green areas… are shown on the digital map of the province.

The IOC Center provides all “hot” data on the mobile device platform (IOC APP) to help leaders at all levels immediately grasp the situation of the epidemic and can give timely instructions, anywhere. , anytime.

Using technology to prevent epidemics more effectively - Photo 2.

Daily COVID-19 analysis dashboard

In addition, Binh Phuoc IOC Center also synchronously deployed many combined solutions to increase efficiency for COVID-19 prevention and control.

Through the system of thermal cameras, cameras in isolation areas, blockade areas, the situation of people entering and leaving the province passing through quarantine checkpoints, activities in isolation areas, and blockade areas are regularly updated on the monitoring board. displayed at the IOC center helped to closely control each area in detail.

The 1022 multi-channel switchboard at the IOC center has been highly effective in receiving and processing information quickly, helping local authorities to respond immediately to all complicated situations of the epidemic and provide solutions. timely handling measures to prevent and support people.

In Phu Tho, the urban surveillance camera system on the IOC has also been used and promoted highly effectively in the medical declaration process for people, medical control at epidemic control points.

This urban surveillance camera system includes 41 AI security cameras and 21 traffic monitoring AI cameras that support the automatic execution of important operations through artificial intelligence technology: security monitoring. order at quarantine checkpoints; warn subjects not wearing masks, F0, F1, real-time tracking of objects on digital maps through face recognition; monitoring vehicles passing through the latch, recording the time, vehicle license plates through the latch and tracing the vehicle in real time on the digital map through license plate recognition.

All information data is updated and aggregated at the IOC center in Phu Tho province co-developed and deployed by VNPT from 2020.

Support good disease control for the opening route

Up to this point, Binh Phuoc province has been classified by the National Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in the group of provinces and cities with good disease control. Therefore, at the recent meeting held at the end of September, the People’s Committee of Binh Phuoc province made plans to prepare for the return to the “new normal” with the goal of epidemic prevention and control as the key task. go hand in hand with economic recovery, job creation and social security.

“Official, reliable and transparent information helps people understand and feel secure to coordinate with the provincial government to control the disease well” – the leader of Binh Phuoc province assessed.

Accordingly, the updated information and data on the IOC center is one of the official and reliable sources of information to serve provincial leaders and Binh Phuoc’s Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control in the work of monitoring and control. Monitor and direct the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures in accordance with actual developments in the most effective way.

Using technology to prevent epidemics more effectively - Photo 3.

The province-wide COVID-19 analysis dashboard

Similarly, at the IOC in Phu Tho province, VNPT has combined technology solutions to detect, trace and control in less than 2 days (the infection cycle of the Delta variant is only 2 days), aiming to spend a few hours to achieve the goal of identifying, zoning and controlling “red zone”, “yellow zone” with the minimum possible space (house, alley, hamlet, nest…) to blockade;

At the same time, it helps to identify “Green Business Households”, “Green Enterprises”, “Green Individuals” and “Green Residential Groups” in order to restore the economy in the near future.

Therefore, timely and accurate information and data on the epidemic situation is also considered an important factor to help the province’s management and direction of epidemic prevention and control achieve the highest efficiency. .

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with countries around the world that are making efforts to return to the “new normal”, towards reopening the global economy, the Government has also set a target to control effectively control the epidemic, gradually relax social distancing to restore socio-economic development.

To achieve this dual goal, the use of shared technology platforms in COVID-19 prevention and control, ensuring the connection and interconnection of databases is now considered an important solution by the Government. weak.

Using technology to prevent epidemics more effectively - Photo 4.

Monitor isolation checkpoints by district

By flexibly taking advantage of integrated technology components in the IOC center, with the cooperation of VNPT, localities have implemented many effective epidemic prevention solutions in accordance with the direction of the Prime Minister. about IT application, technology platform, connection and interconnection of existing databases in prevention, detection, control, zoning, etc. to help people conveniently and safely implement prevention policies Government translation.

Many localities have used “digital brains” with the ability to synthesize and analyze intelligent data of the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC center) to promptly receive and process information and directly direct , manage epidemic prevention and control in the area, effectively support in local COVID-19 prevention and control activities.


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