Using the phone to record the scene caught at 4am, the man did not expect a big achievement

According to Sohu (China), recently in Yiwu city in Zhejiang province, a local resident helped police arrest four thieves in a way that few expected.

Specifically, at about 4 am on September 3, this 56-year-old man surnamed Cung, while going upstairs to water vegetables as usual, happened to see a group of 4 young people continuously pulling the door handle of the store. A series of cars parked on the road below.

At first, Mr. Cung just thought that maybe they were drunk and couldn’t find his car, so he did so.

However, he later felt that something was wrong, because every car was tried by these people to try to pull the door open, some cars were even sat in for a while and then left.

He said: “They divided into 2 groups, one group went to the left, one group went to the right… Immediately after that, when they opened the door of the car, they forgot to lock it, they sat inside…”.

Realizing that these were likely people who specialized in pulling car doors to find out which cars were unlocked and stealing things inside, Mr. Cung immediately took out his phone and recorded a video recording his actions. group of people mentioned above.

He then uploaded the video above to a group that was monitored by the authorities on Wechat. Chau Giang police under the Yiwu City Public Security Department quickly responded to this incident.

Based on the video clues provided by Mr. Cung and identifying the suspects after committing the crime, leaving the scene in a taxi, the functional forces conducted zoning and tracking.

At about 11 am on the same day the video was posted, the police successfully arrested 4 suspects in a hotel in the city.

Using the phone to record the scene caught at 4 am, the man did not expect a big achievement - Photo 2.

After receiving the news that these subjects had been arrested, Mr. Cung could not help but be surprised and admired by the fast speed of solving the case by the authorities.

According to initial information, all 4 subjects are minors. That day, this group of people moved to Yiwu from another place by car.

Taking advantage of the late night and early morning, the suspects repeatedly pulled the doors of the cars to find the cars that forgot to lock in order to steal the items inside.

Currently, 6 theft cases carried out by the above gang in this form have been verified, the amount of stolen property is worth 200 yuan (about more than 700 thousand VND).

In the immediate future, all four subjects were administratively detained by the police in accordance with the law for theft. The authorities have also actively contacted the parents of the suspects and actively worked with local authorities, schools and families.

Below is the video provided by Mr. Cung to the police:

Using the phone to record the scene caught at 4am, the man did not expect a big achievement

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