Valorant brings back Snowball Fight mode

Snowball Fight is a special game mode that appeared last year in Valorant, taking place in a finite time (winter). Only opened for a short time, but Throwing Snowball has made a good impression in the hearts of players.

Valorant brings back Snowball Fight mode - photo 1

This mode is still the usual 5vs5 duels, but without the use of damaging weapons or skills, only the Snowball Launcher (snowball gun) is granted at the beginning of each game. The player has 100 health, but each snowball deals up to 150 health damage, meaning that just one is enough to lie down. The team that reaches 50 kills first, or has the most kills at the end of the time (6 minutes) will be the winner.


During the Snowball Fight experience, players will have the opportunity to open gifts to give advantages to their snowball guns such as increasing the size of the bullets according to the flight distance, shooting bullets against the wall …

Last month, Riot Games opened a poll for players to recommend their favorite game mode that will be available this Christmas season. As a result, Snowball Fight overcomes Escalation and Replication to reach gamers starting from the Christmas holiday until the end of November 1, 2022.


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