Video: A polio-stricken son takes care of his bedridden elderly father

Paralytic son takes care of his father lying motionless in bed in China – Video: SCMP

The touching story of Mr. Zhang Xiaodong (Zhang Xiao Dong), born in 1984, in Jiamusi city, Heilongjiang province, northeast China is reported South China Morning Post (SCMP) shared on January 14.

Zhang Xiaodong is taking care of his 62-year-old father, who is lying motionless in bed, while himself bag disabled and must be in a wheelchair. Brother was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis in 2008, his body was tight and could only move his hands.

Truong said his parents divorced when he was young. When he became paralyzed, his mother took care of him for a few years, then died of cancer. His father also had a stroke a few years ago and was paralyzed, confined to bed.

Before his father and son were taken care of by a relative, but in March 2021, he decided to move out to relieve the economic and mental pressure on his relatives.

Truong has to work through his mobility limitations to care for his 62-year-old father. He had to put himself in a wheelchair, put on his shoes, cook, take care of his father, clean the house…

“For myself, it’s easy to give up everything, but I still have a father… I can’t leave him alone. I have to fulfill my responsibilities and keep trying” – Mr. Truong shared. .

Zhang receives a monthly allowance of 700 yuan ($110) from the government. Therefore, he cannot afford to hire a carer. Although life was difficult, he did not give up hope.

Recently, Truong began sharing videos of his father and son’s daily life on social media platforms to earn money for surgery, in the hope of helping him walk normally. Many volunteers have visited Truong and his son since then.

Recently he also adopted a cat as a friend.

“Even healthy people don’t take care of their parents. But this man is the opposite. You’re amazing!” – one comment received more than 1,000 likes below the newspaper post SCMP.


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