Viet Solutions: Expecting technological breakthroughs from startups

Viet Solutions: Expecting technological breakthroughs from startups - Photo 1.

Map4D is a pure Vietnamese 2D, 3D, 4D digital map platform, the first and only in Vietnam with the ability to display and interact with 3D objects and represent 4D time dimensions.

The tripartite incubator model creates synergy. The Ministry of Information and Communications is the unit that creates the legal corridor. Viettel has a very large market at home and abroad. The business community has ideas to solve the problem of creating a digital society. This cooperation will help Vietnam accelerate the process of national digital transformation.

Mr. Le Dang Dung (acting chairman and general director of Viettel Group)

Bo Information – communication and Viettel giving “problems” for startups to focus on finding the best solutions is the big difference of Viet Solutions 2021 this year.

Turning point for startups

Overcoming many competitors, Cyradar excellently won third place at Viet Solutions 2020. Nearly a year has passed, Mr. Nguyen Minh Duc, founder of Cyradar, said his startup has made great strides in both product development and product development. products as well as shaking hands with major partners.

Compared to before the competition, the company’s personnel has increased by 30%, Cyradar’s revenue has increased by 50%. As a security product, Cyradar has been effective when having the opportunity to cooperate with Viettel after participating in the competition.

Similar to Map4D, the first and only Vietnamese pure Vietnamese 2D, 3D, 4D digital map platform in Vietnam with the ability to display and interact with 3D objects and represent the 4D time dimension. In 2020, Map4D won the second prize of Viet Solutions 2020. This is the turning point for this startup after four years of struggling to find the market.

According to Trinh Cong Duy – founder of Map4D IoTLink (Map4D development startup), before participating in the competition, Map4D also faced many difficulties in finding customers, had to knock on the door of each unit to prove its ability. mine.

“The contest helps Map4D products reach many important partners to help the product grow and find markets,” – Mr. Trinh Cong Duy shared.

Map4D, Cyradar are just a few examples of many success stories powered by Viet Solutions – a special digital transformation innovation competition organized by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Industry and Telecoms Group. Military Communications (Viettel).

Model “3 houses” from Viet Solutions

Immediately after the competition, the Department of Informatization (Ministry of Information and Communications) coordinated with IoTlink to hold an official announcement ceremony of the national digital transformation platform program, and Map4D was selected as a platform for this program.

Specifically, the ministry has introduced Map4D for implementation in the digital transformation project in the ATK area of ​​Thai Nguyen province. After that, this product was also introduced to deploy in other projects in Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Soc Trang and many other provinces.

Besides, a series of corporations and logistics companies such as Viettel, VNPT, AhaMove… have approached and signed a cooperation agreement with Map4D after the competition.

The tripartite incubator model created by Viet Solutions (State, corporations and startup solutions) is considered by Mr. Duc as the most important. The State makes specific policies and articles to solve problems in society. Corporations are strong in finance, have a large customer base, and have a lot of experience. Startup has many new ideas and new technologies.

Expectation of technological breakthroughs from startup

Within the framework of this year’s contest, Viettel raised many problems for startups to find solutions with the common point of the problem being to find new technology solutions, mainly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and data. big data, changing the way existing operations operate.

“Participating in Viet Solution, in addition to awards, startups will receive very practical comments and criticisms from the jury and the consulting team.

In addition, startups also have the opportunity to approach investors, including Viettel and large enterprises, domestic and foreign investment funds,” – head of the organizing committee Nguyen Chi Thanh shared about the benefits of the program. competition.

Considered one of the highlights of the success of the Viet Solution contest is the expensive mentors. Advisory team of

Viet Solutions this year includes 4 popular characters.

One of the new names of this year’s advisors is the co-founder of two famous startups in the US (OhmniLabs and Kambria) – Vu Duy Thuc (Thuc Vu). As an expert in the field of AI, Dr. Stanford – Thuc Vu has laid the foundation for many famous technology startups, among them Katango and Tappy, which were acquired by Google and respectively.

The second mentor is Binh Tran – co-founder and CEO of the 500 startups investment fund in Vietnam. Mr. Binh has more than 20 years of experience in starting a business in Silicon Valley (USA) and 6 years running an investment fund of 500 startups in Vietnam.

This is the third year that Mr. Michael McCarthy – a professor at Harvard – has joined Viet Solutiosn. He once made hundreds of thousands of dollars when he was only 16 years old and was No.1 stock market timer for 10 years in the US. Currently, he is focusing on teaching as a professor at Harvard University, he once accepted to be a coach for Viet Solutions season 1.

Viet Solutions 2021 also continues to have the participation of Ms. Le Han Tue Lam – representative director of Nextrans fund in Vietnam, in charge of Southeast Asia and US markets. Nextrans has invested in many prominent startups in Vietnam such as Base, Luxstay, Okela, Ecomobi, VDES, Ecotruck…

She is one of three Vietnamese people recently honored by Forbes in the list of 30 Under 30 in 2021.

After 2 seasons, Viet Solutions has nearly 600 projects submitted to the competition, the total value of signed contracts is up to 20 billion VND.

With the message “Resonance to create a digital society”, Viet Solutions 2021’s target audience is individuals and organizations living, studying and working in all countries around the world.

Technology ideas and products focus on 10 fields of health, education, finance – banking, agriculture, transportation – logistics, energy, natural resources – environment, industrial production , entertainment solutions – utilities and business management.

Viet Solutions 2021 has a total prize value that triples from the previous year. In addition, participating teams have the opportunity to do business with Viettel and share profits up to 75%.

The best teams in the qualifying round will be trained to improve their startup skills by experts from leading economic universities such as Harvard, the International Angel Fund and famous CEOs.

The contest will accept applications until the end of September 15, 2021 via the website:


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