Vietnamese businesses will demonstrate electric cars and smart technology at CES 2022

Vietnamese businesses will demonstrate electric cars and smart technology at CES 2022 - Photo 1.

The highlight of VinFast at CES 2022 is the complete range of electric vehicles announced for the first time to the public, including 5 models covering most market segments. In which, VinFast introduced 3 completely new, never-before-appeared models in the ABC segment. The other two models in the D and E segments were introduced at the LA Auto Show in November 2021.

VinFast smart cars will be equipped with advanced driver assistance features (ADAS) such as lane keeping assist, collision mitigation, driver monitoring, automatic parking and smart vehicle summoning…

In addition, smart utilities (Smart Services) such as voice control of cars with natural language, intelligent virtual assistants, connection of e-commerce applications, services… will also bring exciting travel experiences for customers.

Vietnamese enterprises will also demonstrate a number of smart features developed by a team of VinFast engineers and leading industry partners in the field of automotive technology.

Besides the VinFast electric vehicle range, advanced technologies, applications of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), big data and machine learning are developed by member companies of VinFast. Vingroup such as VinAI, VinBigdata, Vantix and VinBrain will also be introduced at CES 2022.

Ms. Karen Chupka, vice president of CES, said: “Technology is becoming more and more important in our lives, and CES is the global playground for brands to showcase their efforts in driving this trend. The vehicle and transportation technology exhibition section at West Hall will mark a new development milestone for CES 2022.

We are excited to welcome VinFast’s first presence at the show, to join us in writing this story through their bold vision – to be the brand that drives the smart electric vehicle revolution. Global”.


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