Vietnamese delegation ranked 7th at Army Games 2021

The Vietnam People’s Army delegation participated in 15/34 competitions, won many medals and ranked 7/42 countries at the Army Games 2021.

The closing ceremony of the International Military Games (Army Games) was held at Patriot Park on the outskirts of Moscow on the afternoon of September 4. According to the final results announced by the organizers, the Vietnam People’s Army delegation ranked 7th out of 42 countries and territories participating in the sports festival.

The Vietnam People’s Army Delegation participated in the Army Games 2021 with the largest scale ever, competing in 15/34 competitions and hosting two domestic competitions for the first time.

Vietnamese naval officers and soldiers take photos after completing the content of using rescue vehicles in Vladivostok, Russia on August 27.  Photo: People's Army.

The Vietnamese crew after completing the content of the Sea Cup in Vladivostok, Russia, August 27. Photo: QĐND.

Major General Aleksandr Peryazev, Deputy Director of the Military Training Department of the Russian Armed Forces, Arbitration of the Army Games 2021, highly appreciated Vietnam’s preparation and organization of the Competition of the Accident Zone and the Sniper. He also said that the Vietnamese delegation had achieved good results, the Vietnamese soldiers were professionally trained, followed the rules and regulations of the competition.

The Vietnam People’s Army delegation left its mark in the first time participating sports including Sea Cup, Meridian, Tactical Gunner, Cultural Army and Good Weapon Craftsman.

In the subject Sea Cup, Vietnam sent corvettes 015 Tran Hung Dao and 016 Quang Trung to compete in Vladivostok city. The Vietnam People’s Navy team won the silver medal of the whole team, in which some competitions had results greater than or equal to the home team Russia.

The Vietnamese team won the gold medal in the competition Sniper sniper, surpassing teams from 6 other countries. In the content of the exam Accident area, the Vietnamese team won the silver medal, behind the Russian team.

The Vietnamese tank team put in their best efforts to successfully stay in the relegation zone with outstanding results compared to last year in the first competition with the strongest teams in Group 1 of the tank racing tournament. Tank Biathlon.

In the qualifying round, Vietnam was placed in the same group with Mongolia, Venezuela and Syria, which have long staffed T-72 tanks and are very proficient in this type of weapon. Vietnam is the only team in Table 1 that does not own a T-72 tank, the entire training process in the country is done on old tanks such as T-54/55 or non-equivalent equipment.

After qualifying, the Vietnamese tank team ranked 9th with a total time of 1 hour 21 minutes 25 seconds and defeated 14/15 targets. This achievement is significantly improved compared to Tank Biathlon 2020, when three Vietnamese crews last year had a total time of 1 hour 44 minutes 18 seconds and defeated 11/15 targets.

Team Meridian won the bronze medal, while the team Tactical gunner ranked 4/10 with many contest contents ranked second or third.

Vietnamese soldiers opened fire during the sniper competition on August 31.  Photo: Giang Huy.

Vietnamese soldiers opened fire during the sniper competition on August 31. Photo: Giang Huy.

In the exam Culture Army, the Culture – Art team of the Vietnam People’s Army ranked 4th/13th with 8 major prizes. The team also won two special trophies voted by the audience, including the trophy for the team whose self-introduction video attracted the most views and likes with more than 159,000 views and more than 26,000 likes, and a trophy for the winning team. The audience voted the highest with a score of 3.55/5.

With the contest subjects Vietnam has participated in, most subjects have higher or equal results than last year, although the number of teams participating in the competition is higher and the exam conditions are more difficult.

Team Engineer holding the bronze medal three years in a row, the team Field kitchen and Information won the bronze medal, the team Artillery ranked 1st in 5 non-CIS teams. Some teams have risen to 4th place, close to the achievement of winning bronze medals.

Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan, Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Vietnam People’s Army, said that the Army Games is an opportunity for Vietnamese soldiers to learn and gain experience in combat readiness training, especially in approaching combat. exploit, use and preserve new and modern weapons and equipment, contributing to improving the quality of combat training and affirming the position of the Vietnam People’s Army.

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