Vietnamese hot TikToker was surprised to see a ‘strange pad’ in a box of chewing gum and then rolled his eyes in admiration when he saw how the Japanese used it

Gum is a popular snack around the world, you can easily buy them wherever you go to chew to “reduce your mouth” while reading, sitting on a train, a plane… Many people Chew gum to regain alertness, avoid drowsiness or simply chew for fun, but there is a disadvantage that they cannot be swallowed like regular candies. But if they are thrown around, they are determined to be “dangerous” because they are more sticky than glue, and even more difficult to clean, especially when they stick to clothes or hair.

The Vietnamese hot TikToker was surprised to see a strange note in the box of chewing gum and then rolled his eyes in admiration when he saw how the Japanese used it - Photo 1.

Recently, the Vietnamese hot TikToker guy (currently living in Japan) known by the nickname Snoop.pi shared a video on his TikTok account about his own sudden discovery when eating gum. This sounds familiar, but many people don’t know it!

Snoop.pi opens the video with a funny reverse quote: “It’s been a long time in Japan, but I’m sure you already know this.”

The small square pad that Snoop.pi found in a gum box in Japan

Then he said: “Chewing gum is everywhere. When I first came to Japan, when I bought a box of gum, I saw a note like this inside. At first, I didn’t know what it was until I saw it. Japanese people eat then tear a piece of paper and wrap the candy residue, put it in the trash, then I understand that this piece of paper is for… to throw away the gum.”

Snoop.pi goes on to explain: “Anyone who has lived in Japan for a long time can see that the roads in Japan are very clean. Sometimes you can see a few cigarette butts but rarely see gum. Why? Because they have this paper. In the past, in Vietnam, I used to eat this kind of gum, but I have never seen a piece of paper like this. And I think not only in Japan, but also in Korea and other countries. It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Vietnam, so I don’t know if I have it in my country, but I really like this method because it helps protect the environment. It saves the laborers suffering. It’s so touching. sense”.

In most boxes of chewing gum in Japan, you can find this booklet.

Snoop.pi’s video has garnered 1.7 million views, over 200,000 likes, and nearly 2,000 comments. Many netizens also expressed surprise the same way Snoop.pi was surprised. Turns out, the piece of paper in the box of chewing gum had such a great effect.

It is true that only an extremely small detail but brings extremely great benefits. If every person who eats chewing gum throws it out on the street, in public places, it is hard to imagine how hard it is for environmental sanitation workers to clean it up.

Source: TikTok

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