Vietnamese people tell stories in the place of lockdown for more than… 200 days

Vietnamese people tell stories in a place of lockdown for more than 200 days - Photo 1.

A family still celebrates their child’s birthday with online congratulation from their grandparents – Photo: NVCC

Victoria’s Premier, Mr. Daniel Andrews, is also “portrayed” as “the person who reads the lockdown the most” with… 6 times!

When asked how she felt about the 6th lockdown, Ms. Thanh Ha laughed and said: “When I was in lockdown for the first time, I was bewildered, I also went to buy groceries. Now, the lockdown goes up and down continuously like turning on and off the TV, getting used to it. Eat rice and drink water!”

Quen lockdown like eating rice

Around the beginning of August, before a day of the sixth lockdown, the people of Melbourne were still excited about “Donut day” (Donut day is how Australians call the days without any COVID-19 infections, based on the shape of a donut with a circle like the number 0).

However, the next day, the news reported that there were 6 cases of infection, of which 3 cases were unknown. The Victorian government immediately met to discuss, just announced at 4pm the immediate 8pm lockdown. As in previous rounds, people are only allowed to leave their homes for five reasons: to go to work, to take care of people who can’t take care of themselves, to get a COVID-19 shot, to go to the market to buy food, and to buy food. necessary items and go to exercise within a radius of 5km.

The lockdown was so rushed that some people gathered at Melbourne’s central station to protest. But the law is the law, everyone still has to comply with the “lockdown rule 6.0” planned for 7 days, but because the infections have not decreased but continue to increase by double digits, the 6.1 lockdown is 7 days more.

Then, after only a few days, the government continued to issue a lockdown decision 6.2, scheduled to September 2. This time, there is also a curfew from 9pm to 5am. However, the number of infections has not decreased, but from the initial 6 cases, it has increased to 200, 300, 400 … so until now there has been no announcement on the date of the end of this 6th phase of lockdown. Many people have complained that their country is “locked” for the longest time in the world?

Vietnamese people tell stories in a place of lockdown for more than 200 days - Photo 2.

Blood donation centers seem to be busier during lockdowns – Photo: ANH DA

Engagement party The most expensive of the epidemic season

In mid-August, an engagement party taking place during the epidemic season was said to be the most “expensive” in Melbourne. But it’s expensive not because the party is luxuriously organized, but because of the amount of money fined for partying during the lockdown.

The groom, who is both a part-time teacher and a law school student, joked with everyone at the party, “This is group therapy, so it’s legal!”. The police did not arrest at the match, but traced the video clip that people sent to each other after the party. The party was attended by 69 people, according to Victoria police, each person will be fined 5,000 Australian dollars (more than 80 million VND) and the total fine can be up to 350,000 Australian dollars (more than 5 billion VND).

Not only do they have to “pay the price” with money for organizing an illegal party, but they also face great criticism from the Australian community. The bride and groom’s family claims they have been “cyber-bullied” and begs for forgiveness from everyone, but people still seem angry and unwilling to forgive them.

One person wrote an online comment: “It’s nice that the family of that engagement party could joke that it was ‘group therapy’, while me and many others were not able to meet face-to-face. Psychiatrist for more than a month”. Another wrote: “We canceled our girls’ engagement party. I can’t work during lockdown. My sister is in her final weeks before dying of cancer and in quarantine, but people are gathering and ignoring the rules.”

“Married and run Co-Vy”

However, it is not that Melbourne people are narrow-minded and do not want to “forgive” those who attended the above engagement party, but because having to go through so many lengthy lockdowns has made many people tired, especially when there were five or six infections from this party. If everyone intentionally breaks the law, when will the lockdown end?

Many other couples have had to “wait” as one of the challenges of lovers in the epidemic season. There are some people who have had to do “epidemic weddings” to cope with the urgent lockdown of the state government. In the last lockdown, when everything seemed to be “calm” before, many families planned to take advantage of the weekend to hold a wedding party.

Immediately after, on Thursday, the state of Victoria issued a lockdown decision on Saturday. Many people did not have time to turn back, had to cancel the wedding party. In some places, if the restaurant is sympathetic, they still pay half of the deposit, but most of the time because the date is too close, many people have to lose the entire deposit for the party.

Ms. Kim Nhu, a wedding dress repair shop owner, said that her client was planning a wedding Saturday afternoon, so she told him to come pick up the wedding dress on Friday afternoon. When they heard the lockdown just announced on Thursday, they immediately contacted the guests and asked the restaurant to postpone the wedding party to Friday afternoon in order to have the wedding party before 12 pm on Friday, ie before Saturday. is the date of the lockdown. Kim Nhu also had to “run the deadline” to try to prepare the shirt quickly before the scheduled time so that they could have a wedding dress to wear in the “Co-Vy wedding” party!

The scene is really like Cinderella trying to run back before 12 o’clock at night.

Vietnamese people tell stories in a place of lockdown for more than 200 days - Photo 3.

People can still exercise at a park near their house, provided that they do not gather in large numbers – Photo: ANH DAI

At the two ends of nostalgia

Those are couples in the same state, they also have the opportunity to “get married and run Co-Vy”. There are also couples in different states, although they are in the same Australia, but the state borders are closed and closed, so they have to wait patiently. There was a guy who booked a plane ticket, just watched the end of the lockdown to fly over to visit his lover, on the same day the other state broke out and was about to lock down. He knew that if he went, he would have to be quarantined for 14 days when he returned, so he had to ignore the memory but cancel the trip.

“Then I have to endure it, but I don’t know what to do now – Mr. Quoc Anh said with a laugh – I can’t do anything else. But fortunately in Australia they still allow me to exercise within a radius of 5km. But close In my house, there are many mountains and lakes to explore, the natural scenery around here is very beautiful, so every weekend I go to experience a place, that’s also a bit of a relief. Hopefully the epidemic will end soon, so that my girlfriend and I can be together soon.”

Quoc Anh’s wish is certainly not only his own but also his girlfriend’s and everyone’s in the world. This COVID-19 outbreak is a challenge for long-distance couples. It can also be an opportunity for them to appreciate each other’s moments more, so that when they are close, they know how to love each other more. each other more.

Bussy Rebutin’s quote is fully felt at both ends: “Love in a distance is like a fire in the wind. The wind blows out the small flame and blows up the big one”.

The number of infections in Sydney also gradually increased from a few hundred cases to 1,000 and then 1,500 … causing Sydneysiders to suffer a similar lockdown to Melbourne. Australia’s capital Canberra, which is inherently peaceful with only a few days of lockdown during the 2020 epidemic, this year also suffered from a long-term lockdown, from August to September, stemming from a single infection with a variant of the virus. Delta.

Many restaurants cried half-heartedly when the lockdown was issued too quickly, falling on the weekend. Because they just imported goods in the morning to prepare for the arrival of customers, it is estimated that it will be very crowded after the fifth lockdown, which ended less than a dozen days earlier. And before that, there were no cases of infection the day before, but overnight everything changed quickly!


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