Vietnamese stars September 29: Phi Nhung’s daughter reveals her mother’s fear for the first time

After signing autographs and selling books to raise money for charity bearing her mother’s name, Phi Nhung’s daughter posted an article on her personal page, revealing that during the period of being entangled in noise and market, what Phi Nhung was most afraid of was Losing fans, no one to love. She wrote: “I think I am very lucky because you have left me so many viewers who love and miss you like me. I have been and always will be sad, but I am not alone. When my mother’s life met many difficulties. difficult times, you felt lonely and afraid that no one will love you. I am afraid of losing fans. I hope now that you can see you receive a lot of love and support from everyone, and all will be happy. I will always give you a place in my heart. I will use the love that everyone gives you as my life force and make you proud of me.”

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