Violation of restrictions, the man who made 5,000 Beijing residents quarantined

ChinaA man tested positive for nCoV after leaving home many times during isolation, prompting authorities to blockade the area and open an investigation.

The middle-aged man surnamed Sun was asked to self-isolate at home after visiting a shopping mall with high risk of infection. “During the isolation process, this person went out and walked around the residential area many times,” said Pan Xuhong, a police official in China’s capital Beijing, on May 29.

Sun and his wife tested positive for nCoV last weekend, prompting Beijing authorities to order a blockade of residential areas of more than 5,000 people, of which 250 people had to go to a centralized isolation facility of the government. The police also opened an investigation into Sun for alleged serious violations of Covid-19 prevention regulations.

People at a nCoV test site in the Chinese capital Beijing on May 29.  Photo: AFP.

People at a nCoV test site in the Chinese capital Beijing on May 29. Photo: AFP.

The Covid-19 outbreak in Beijing originated from the Omicron strain with more than 1,700 infections recorded since the end of April until now, but the situation has cooled down. “No community transmission has been recorded for two days in a row. The situation is stabilizing and improving, but there is still a risk of a resurgence of the disease,” said Xu Hejian, a city government spokesman. let me know.

Beijing capital from May 29 allows libraries, museums, theaters and gyms in districts that have not recorded any community Covid-19 cases for 7 consecutive days to be allowed to reopen. capacity limit.

The two districts of Phong Son and Thuan Nghia will end the requirement to work from home. Most public transport services in these two districts and Chaoyang, Beijing’s largest district, will resume operations. However, Beijing has not yet allowed the public to eat at restaurants across the city.

China still persists in implementing “No Covid-19”, including strict border closure, isolation, mass testing and rapid blockade. The country currently records more than 229,000 symptomatic nCoV infections, of which 2,748 are being treated, 133 are seriously or critically ill, and 5,226 have died.

Vu Anh (Theo AFP)

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