Vios continues to affirm its position as a worthy sedan in the market

The end of the third quarter of every year is usually the time when the Vietnamese auto market begins to bustle to welcome the year-end shopping season. However, with this year is different, the demand of the market has shown signs of decreasing over the months, consumers are no longer too excited to buy new cars.

One of the main reasons for this situation is the impact of the epidemic that makes people’s economy more difficult. Meanwhile, in Vietnam, cars are not only vehicles but also assets of great value. Before deciding to buy a car, people often have to consider a lot of factors.

Even so, cars are still an essential form of personal transportation at this time. Because of that, instead of not buying a car, they started looking for a safer solution during the epidemic season, which is to choose cars that bring real value, commensurate with the money spent. Instead of being drawn to cars with flashy looks with many equipment that can be overwhelming at first glance, consumers today tend to choose to buy Japanese cars with more pragmatic criteria.

The Japanese model that is being most interested in today is the Toyota Vios. Proof of that is that sales of Vios have always been at the number one position in the sedan market in recent months.

Vios continues to affirm its position as a worthy sedan in the market - Photo 1.

First launched in Vietnam in 2003, Toyota Vios has become a new wind in the urban sedan segment, attracting a lot of attention from domestic consumers. The car has a harmonious design, compact size but spacious and practical interior with an attractive price. After being sold for a while in the market, Vios continues to show advantages such as good finishing quality, durability over the years, fuel economy and low depreciation.

With those factors, the success of Vios came very soon when after only about a year, this model quickly rose to become the best-selling sedan in the market. The number one position of Vios has remained unchanged since then when this model achieved sales of more than 30,000 vehicles sold in 2020, marking the 7th consecutive year of leading the whole market, not just the sedan segment. Not only that, Vios also continuously breaks its own sales record. At its peak, Vios sales reached nearly 4,000 vehicles per month – something that no other model could do.

Up to now, the factors that make Vios successful are still maintained in the latest generation. That is the core value that helps this model always maintain its performance despite nearly two decades of being on the market.

Besides, Vios is constantly upgrading to meet the increasing needs of consumers. The car has a more youthful and fashionable design, and many modern equipment compared to models in the segment such as automatic LED lighting system, touch screen that supports Appe CarPlay / Android Auto connection, Automatic air conditioning and safety systems include electronic balance, automatic throttle, 6 collision sensors and 7 airbags.

Vios continues to affirm its position as a worthy sedan in the market - Photo 2.

Toyota Vios is being distributed genuine 6 versions to diversify choices for consumers with prices from only 478 million. Customers who buy cars on installment will be supported by Toyota Vietnam with a fixed interest rate for the first 6 months of only 2.99%/year and only need to pay 95 million in advance to be able to own a Vios.

To support customers to buy cars during the epidemic season, Toyota Vietnam and Toyota dealer network nationwide are implementing the program “Safety at home, receive preferential gifts”, applied to all customers who sign a contract. and pay in full when buying Vios from September 1, 2021 to the end of September 30, 2021. With this program, eligible customers will receive a discount of VND 26.51 million when buying Vios G and a discount of VND 21.01 million when buying a Vios E CVT/MT. This offer includes a part of the registration fee (worth 16.5 million to 22 million dong) and the dash cam worth 4.51 million dong.

Toyota Vietnam is also implementing a super promotion program for customers who buy Wigo and Rush cars from now until the end of the year. Customers who buy Wigo will receive incentives up to VND 20 million including: PVC leather seat covers, glass film and genuine warranty package. Customers buying Rush will receive a material insurance package of up to VND 8.7 million and an attractive financial package from Toyota Finance Vietnam when buying a car and paying in full.


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